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      Data Engineer jobs test practice

      Data Engineer Jobs Test Practice, CEB SHL Verbal and Numerical Reasoning Tests.

      Principal Data Engineer Interview

      Bhagya Reddy Рa key Women in Data Ambassador 2020 Рshares her personal experiences of her very impressive Principal Data Engineer career.

      Choosing a Data Engineer Career Path

      Love towards computers and data.

      Challenges for data engineers

      Getting to executive board level is still a challenge, need to prove 2 times if you are a women.

      Qualifications and opportunities for women entrepreneurs

      A base degree had to be there and love towards data science definitely get you there.

      Advice for today’s aspiring Data Engineers

      Have high aspirations and work towards that. Start structuring your goals towards your career path from early school days onwards.

      Have good role models and never hesitate to ask for help or if you need clarity. 

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