Digital Assessments

Digital assessments are a speciality of Rob Williams Assessment Ltd, in particular providing psychometric test design input to the Hive Vue design team for game-based assessment (GBA) tools.

Designing GBA Digital Assessments

Rob Williams Assessment Ltd specialise in designing bespoke digital assessments.

A key part of any assessment project is identifying the most important criteria for successful performance. We can help you apply the assessment techniques that business psychology has shown to be the most effective for selecting high job performers. Rob Williams Assessment can advise you on the products that best fit your requirements.

Having worked for many of the UK’s leading consultancies, Rob Williams has extensive experience of assessment for recruitment and for development.

Digital Assessments for Graduates

GBAs are becoming a core component of many graduate recruitment recruitment schemes. For example Accenture, Deloitte and Unilever’s graduate recruitment schemes.

Games-based assessments are the future I   GradWeb  I  April 6, 2016

Time to reboot the gamification of recruitment Daniel Howden | June 7, 2017

Using games for graduate selection – what’s the score? I  Managing Director, Arctic Shores

Digital Assessments for High Volume

Revelian approach to game based assessment

Revelian’s Cognify

Going digital is the future of candidate assessment I  Alexander Mann  I Mar 8 2017

Gamification in Recruiting: It’s Becoming More Fun to Apply for a Job I  April 04, 2016

The Future of Psychometric Testing in the Workplace: Testing in a Digital Era – Gaming types

Games as Personality Profiling Tools  I  Van Lankveld, Spronck, Van den Herik, and Arnoud Arntz

Can we reliably measure the general factor of intelligence (g) through commercial video games? Yes, we can!

Psychometric Considerations in game based assessment

Game Based Learning

More Than Just a Dream: How Real Teachers Use Game-Based Assessment Every Day

Designing assessments for a digitalised world | Cambridge Assessment

E-assessment – Cambridge Assessment

Digital literacy is just code… for cultural illiteracy | Cambridge Assessment

MindX – Entry Talent Sifting

The digital assessment supplier MindX, with their cutting-edge cognitive ability mini-game tests, are a leading UK supplier of game based assessment for entry talent.

Video interview tips

These are our top Video Interview tips.

  • Firstly, remember that many of the good practices you’re familiar with for face-to-face interviews will still apply. In particular you will need to dress smart and to appear well-groomed. Also, ensure that you maintain eye contact as much as possible with the camera.
  • Secondly, answer the video interview questions as concisely as possible. Make the most efficient use of the time available for each question. There will be a countdown timer, so use it as your guide!
  • FInally, show some consideration for your video interviewing company. If it is a reputable, research-driven video interviewing company (such as HireVue) there will be software analysing your changes in facial expression and body lanaguage. Plus, content analysis softward to analyse your interview answers.

How should you conduct your video interview?

Remember to:

  • Keep your camera steady
  • Have your head and shoulders positioned square on to your camera
  • Rest your camera on a flat surface
  • Ensure that the room where you are conducting the interview is well-lit.

Free Graduate Aptitude Test Practice

Our other digital assessments blogs

London Private School Entrance

Firstly, Barnet. Secondly, Brent. Thirdly, Camden private schools. Next, City of London. /Then, Croydon. Also, Ealing. And Enfield. Plus, Greenwich. Then, Hackney. Also, Hammersmith & Fulham./ Plus, Hampstead. Next, Haringey. Also, Harrow. And Havering. Next, Hillingdon. Also, Hounslow. Then, Islington. Plus, Kensington & Chelsea.And Kingston-upon-Thames./ Also, Lewisham. Plus, Merton. And then Notting Hill. Plus also Redbridge. Then Richmond-upon-Thames. And next Streatham. Also Southwark. Plus Sutton. Next Wandsworth. And then Westminster. Finally Wimbledon.

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