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English is one of the most spoken languages in the world and the best way to get a certificate in this language for pursuing a career as an English language teacher one needs to get admitted at a reputed university. Cambridge is one of the best universities for getting any kind of English language certificate. They have several exams for testing and certifying the English skill of the candidates such as CPE, FCE, KET, etc. Alongside the British Council and IELTS Australia, Cambridge has been able to introduce an IELTS program for applicants. IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System, which is quite important for students who want to visit other countries for example the UK for education purposes.

These days a business certificate is also important alongside an English language certificate if an n individual is seeking a career in the management sector in the UK and for that Cambridge ESOL will be very important. Several countries such as Ireland, England, UK, etc. sometimes prefer an internationally recognized language ability certification and Cambridge can assist students in acquiring the same as well through their CEFR degree. Among any qualifications provided by Cambridge, C1 is one of the most advanced ones. When it comes to general English studies, this exam is considered a level 4 exam for students and will be required for further studies in modern English. Students who have already acquired an advanced level of English only should be applying for this exam. Applicants should have the confidence of at least speaking in English in social environments. Oftentimes, students with a different mother tongue might end up speaking better English in social zones compared to the ones for whom English is the primary communication language. For people who are willing to take C2 proficiency in the future, the C1 exam will be a stepping stone and is a must and it will be required for applicants who are willing to work or study abroad.

Benefits of having a C1 exam certification from Cambridge:

  • A C1 certification will enable students to apply for courses in other countries.
  • The certificate is recognized internationally, so finding a job in foreign counties will be easier.
  • There is no expiration date of the certificate, so no retakes will be required here to ensure validity. Some institutions require applicants to take the test just before joining or applying.
  • Both governments, as well as private organizations, consider a C1 certificate as a valuable tool for hiring applicants.

Format of the exam:

The c1 course is divided into four groups. The first part is the English reading part and the usage of English. It lasts for around 1 hour and 30 minutes. One will have to undergo texts for fiction and non-fiction publications. There will be newspapers and journals that applicants will have to look into as well.

The second stage is the writing stage. Here also, the applicants are provided a time limit of not more than 1 hour and 30 minutes. The students or applicants will be judged based on how well they can write a report, a proposal, a review, or an article. The basic differentiation variables between these pieces will be critically examined by the university.

The third stage deals with listening to a conversation or a piece from literature and this last for around 40 minutes. One will need to showcase their skills of understanding a spoken material, lectures, radio broadcasts, etc.

The last stage is the speaking stage and it lasts for around 15 minutes. In this stage, the collaboration will be required. No preparation before the exam will assist the applicants will be able to assist them on the day of the exam. There will be different kinds of interactions taking place and all are required to take part in it. This will happen one-on-one with the examiner and also with other candidates as well.

The first stage carries 40% weightage and the rest of the stages are for 20% each. There are three levels of grades that are provided to the passing students. Grade A is for applicants getting between 200 and 210, grade B is for those getting 193 and 199 and anything between 180 and 192 will be considered as C level grade. Students getting below 159 will not be reported and will be considered as failed. There is another group termed as B2 group with a score of 160 and 179.

IELTS exams:

This test is also held by Cambridge University for people specifically from non-English speaking backgrounds. The certification will be required for those individuals to pursue a career in countries where English is the primary language. The two modules including the academic one and the generic training one usually prepare the students for all possible challenges in the English language. The test is divided into the four following stages;

  • Listening – lasts for 30 minutes
  • Reading – lasts for 60 minutes.
  • Writing – lasts for 60 minutes.
  • Speaking – lasts for somewhere around 10 to 15 minutes.

The scoring is usually done based on the overall band score, where intermediate, very good, modest, etc. kinds of labels are provided based on performance.

Importance of Cambridge English and Westminster:

If someone is applying for their English language degree and is based in London, then there will be tons of great university options for them that are affiliated with Cambridge University. The University of Westminster is one of the most famous ones specifically because of the different kinds of courses that they offer in terms of getting C1, C2, and B2 certifications. Since it is affiliated with Cambridge English for providing top-class English assessments of real English. No other university certification is as important as the ones offered by Cambridge. Also, the importance of Westminster university cannot be undermined as it is one of the largest centers in the United Kingdom who are providing top qualifications. All the exams are based in central London, so if people are based in London, it won’t be too hard for them to find the test center.

EFL tutors – EFL teachers

Values of EFL Teachers

Here are some questions prompting an exploration of a teacher’s values:

Which of the following statements which do you agree; disagree or neither agree/disagree?

Q1 – Most pupils demonstrate the value of hard work.

Q2 – To best promote learning and acceptance any teacher’s criticism should be constructive criticism.

Q3 – To be effective a teacher should  command authority.

Q4 – The higher achieving pupils place more value on having their work marked.

Q5 – A good teacher values having the respect of other people.

Q6 – Many pupils value having the opportunity to prove themselves.

Q7 – Every pupil will attain their potential if they are given sufficient time to achieve it.

Q8 – Pupils are equally responsible with teachers for the success of their own learning.

Q9 – More pupils do poorly because of poor teaching standards than their own lack of effort.

Q10 – The value of a teacher’s discipline is most evident in turning around under-performing pupils.

Q11 –  Learning in itself is sufficient reward for pupils.

Q12 – If left alone, the first instinct for some pupils is to do as little study as they can get away with.

Q13 – A key part of the teacher’s role is to understand why a pupil is misbehaving.

Q14 – It is the most talented pupils who are the most challenging to teach.

Q15 – Only a minority of pupils don’t like going to school each day.

Q16 – Part of a teacher’s job is to make every topic taught as interesting as possible for every pupil.

Q17 – An effective teacher is firmer with students who do not want to learn

Q18 – A key role for any teacher is to motivate their pupils to learn.

Q19 – Praising a pupil for their effort can only increase their motivation.

Q20 – The best teaching is directed at the individual pupil – rather than the class.

EFL tutors – EFL teachers

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EFL tutors – EFL teachers

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