Aptitude Test Practice

Our focus is free aptitude test practice.

Firstly, free online numerical reasoning test practice. 

Secondly, free online verbal reasoning test practice.

Free Aptitude Test Practice – UKCAT Practice

Free Aptitude Test Practice – LNAT practice

Free Psychometric test practice 

Our Brilliant Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests book

Firstly, our verbal reasoning test practice book. Secondly, our numerical reasoning test practice book.


Free aptitude test practice  associated with this book are available on the publisher’s website:

Part 1 – Getting to grips with your test

  • Firstly, Getting started
  • Secondly, Practice makes perfect
  • Thirdly, Mastering reading comprehension
  • Fourthly, Sharpen your critical reasoning skills
  • Fifthly, Succeed on test day

Part 2 – Time to practice

  • Firstly, Warm up tests
  • Secondly, Reading comprehension tests
  • Thirdly, Verbal reasoning tests
  • Fourthly, Critical reasoning tests
  • Firstly, Getting started.
  • Secondly, Practice makes perfect.
  • Thirdly, Brush up your maths skills.
  • Fourthly, Succeed on test day.
  • Firstly, Basic numerical reasoning tests.
  • Secondly, Numerical comprehension tests
  • Thirdly, Warm-up numerical reasoning tests
  • Fourthly, Numerical critical reasoning tests
  • Fifthly, Numerical data interpretation tests
  • Sixthly, Advanced numerical data interpretation
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Free Psychometric Test Practice

Admissions Tests

Professional Skills QTS Literacy Test Practice  ~  QTS  ~ UKCAT

Careers Guidance Toolkit

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