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Welcome to our sample CAT4 test papers.

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We offer Premium practice packs for the following school year groups:

CAT4 Level A (Year 4)

Our CAT4 Level D (Year 7)

CAT4 Level E (Year 8)

Our Premium packs contain comprehensive and accurate practice materials that will effectively prepare your child for the CAT4 exam.

We also offer free MAP test practice and a MAP Parents Guide.

What are the CAT4 skills?

The CAT4 requires knowledge of:

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GL Assessment’s CAT4 Features

Firstly our Parents Guide to the CAT4. Secondly, our CAT4 levels feature on what your CAT4 results mean for your child. Thirdly, our practice CAT4 tests.

Our other gifted children practice tests

Our CAT4 practice test resources

We offer CAT4 practice for the following levels:

Each of these levels includes full-length CAT4 simulations, quizzes, detailed explanations, and study guides.

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