Top Graduate Salaries in 2019

Salaries 5 years post graduation (so graduated in 2010/11)

Medicine and dentistry£46,600
Pharmacology, toxicology and pharmacy£35,000
Mathematical sciences£33,700
Veterinary sciences£33,200
Physics and astronomy£32,400
Architecture, building and planning£32,000

Here are some of the themes affecting graduate jobs in 2019.

Graduate Jobs

Plus, in our opinion the latest personality test and situational judgement test trends.

The graduate jobs market in 2019

Graduates face an increasingly challenging job market. According to the latest figures, 40% of graduates have failed to find graduate-level positions two years after finishing their degree. To help them select the very best candidates from an abundance of quality. U

Key Steps to Bespoke Personality Test Design

Next, and in consultation with our client, Rob Williams Assessment Ltd, used similar process for designing both the Talent Window and the Hire Window personality tests. The client then arranged for online trials with in excess of 100 members of the target graduate audience.

Top Graduate Salaries in 2019

Custom assessment outcomes

Rob Williams Assessment Ltd successfully applied the British Psychological Society’s best practice in personality questionnaire design.

Both bespoke personality questionnaire met the client’s aim of measuring the most commonly sought graduate personality traits.

Employers are increasingly using bespoke situational judgement tests (where the candidate is presented with scenarios and asked to select the best and the worst thing to do next) as a way to learn more about their character and attitudes to work.

Graduate recruitment trends in 2019

The increase in the number of graduate courses and the career benefits of having a degree have driven a huge increase in the number of graduates. There remains a limited number of vacancies each year on graduate trainee schemes.

During the recent years of recession, the number of graduate entry roles became even more restricted; making graduate recruitment even more competitive. Microsoft, for example, received 15,000 job applications for each of its 150 graduate position in 2009. That year, the success ratio of applications to job offers was 1:100 at Microsoft.

Top Graduate Jobs in 2019

This has created a “bottleneck” between the high number of recent graduates and the considerably lower number who are successfully placed on graduate entry schemes. Clearly, there are severe implications of such a challenging job market for graduates.

For employers too, there is a “war on talent” to find and sign-up the best possible graduates in the marketplace. It is a recruiters’ market, however most recruiters want to recruit the top echelon of high-performing graduates who are showing the best leadership potential, the most effective ability to work in teams, the highest levels of motivation and drive etc. SJTs offer an effective means of measuring each of these abilities and attributes.

Top Graduate Salaries in 2019

Situational judgement tests trends in 2019

Situational judgement tests (SJTs) have also become prevalent in graduate recruitment. These tests presents scenarios to applicants and asks them to select the best and the worst thing to do next. SJT’s are very popular in the United States due to their excellent record of fairness across different ethnic groups.

Personality test trends in 2019

Candidates may also have to take a personality test as part of the recruitment process. There is a vast array of personality tests, which pose questions about a candidate’s behaviour and personal preferences. A typical question may ask whether you prefer attending parties or staying home with a good book. These personality tests help employers to determine whether a candidate has the right profile for the role.

Personality Tests Trend 2019 – Biodata questions

Personality biodata questions measure a variety of constructs, including attitudes, personality attributes, interests, skills/abilities, past events and experiences. An individual’s learning history is of particular interest.

Top Graduate Salaries in 2019

My Practice aptitude test books 

Firstly, Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests.

Secondly, Passing Numerical reasoning Tests.

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Top Graduate Salaries in 2019