Digital Literacy Skills

We are planning a digital literacy test. If you would like to be part of this project please email me ( or book a meeting.

To assess digital literacy we will design a specific tool that questions graduates on typical digital technology applications. That way we can develop graduate and non-graduate benchmarks.

Digital Literacy Skills

These encompass all those problem-solving skills needed to work competently with digital technology. Digital literacy skills are particularly important for recent graduates. 

The increasing importance of digital literacy

The world of work is changing continuously, rapidly integrating use of new technologies in jobs. Most employers require all job seekers to apply online. Frontline service workers in many industry sectors now rely on automation and digital tools in their work. Jobs require employees to know how to use email, search the internet, create documents, and handle other digital literacy tasks, such as managing benefits online. Many jobs have become inaccessible to adults who lack digital literacy skills.

Building digital literacy skills, and being able to prove these skills to employers, can improve job-seeking success.

Digital Literacy Test