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The Department for Education has launched free online elearning courses. The majority are job-related online courses, teaching numeracy, coding and internet skills. This site and the Open University’s – plus the newer arrivals we list – offer great opportunity for building up your existing skill set and discover new talents.

The DfE’s adult training focuses on improving improving digital literacy skills for: Working remotely; and Online jobs…since more people will be working remotely for the rest of 2020. And beyond.

ELearning online Digital Skills

In fact, almost 12 million people in the UK need to learn the basic digital skills. For life online – as well as for work. So the most valuable digital skills are sought after for all kinds of jobs.

  • 82% of all job vacancies require digital skills
  • Roles requiring digital skills pay 29% more than those that don’t
  • In recent years, the number of digital jobs grew almost three times as quickly as other occupations

Free online elearning courses

We start with three of the Government’s initiative. Then list all of the Open University’s free learning courses. followed by our own YouTube self-improvement channel, and personality-related quizzes.

  1. Digital literacy courses
  2. Business courses
  3. Self development
  4. Free Open University learning courses
  5. Our YouTube channel including literacy practice and psychometric test tips videos
  6. Our self improvement quizzes

Online ELearning Numeracy Skills

Numeracy Practice Tests

There are many different psychometric tests like the aptitude test, personality test, verbal reasoning, inductive reasoning, logical reasoning, attention to detail, leadership test and many more. Well, numerical reasoning assessment is one of them. This is where all the graphs, long numbers and equations play an important role. 

Numeracy skills are very sought after by employers, and can help you progress in work and boost your job prospects.

Online ELearning Digital literacy courses

Digital skills can be anything from using social media and staying safe online to coding, programming or digital marketing. From learning the basics to using Microsoft software to data science and coding.

Business courses

Including management, business and financial skills, from leadership to bookkeeping to health and safety.

Self development

Hobbies, personal skills, and your own wellbeing.

Free online learning courses

LinkedIn Online Learning Courses

  • Learning How To Use Zoom Most Effectively
  • Using Microsoft Teams
  • How To Use WebEx
  • Tips for Working Remotely
  • Time Management: Working from Home
  • Productivity Tips: Finding Your Productive Mindset
  • Executive Presence on Video Conference Calls
  • Well-Being and Productivity
  • Managing Stress for Positive Change
  • Building Resilience
  • Bouncing back by building your “resiliency threshold”
  • How to Become more Resourceful Online
  • Leading a Virtual Team
  • Top Tips for Managing a Virtual Team
  • Leading Virtual Meetings
  • Intro to Online Meetings

Online ELearning Literacy Tips

In this section, there are useful Literacy practice tests. We pride ourselves on offering free practice test resources, including literacy test tips. Hope that you find these literacy test tips useful!

Open University – Online Learning Courses

  • Money  
  • Business
  • Education
  • History  
  • The Arts
  • Languages
  • Environment
  • Science
  • Maths  
  • Technology
  • Health
  • Sports  Psychology
  • Society and Politics
  • Law

Explore OU resources

  • Latest from OpenLearn
  • Free courses
  • For Study
  • For Life

Our Very Own YouTube Channel

Providing test tips for all forms assessment is a key function at Rob Williams Assessment.

Make sure to follow our playlist on our sister site’s YouTube channel for all our video tips.

Rob Williams Assessment Ltd specialise in designing highly predictive psychometric solutions. In particular, situational judgement test design, realistic job preview design, aptitude test design and personality questionnaire design.

We work across a wide range of sectors and job roles. Our tailor-made psychometric offerings are as unique as our clients’ organisations.

Our organisation prides itself on client satisfaction. We have many positive LinkedIn reviews from our big client projects.

Practice Situational Judgement Test (SJT) TIps

In our opinion, this is the best page you will find for situational judgement test practice resources.

Personality Test Tips

How does your personality type affect your career? It may even have defined your career choice. In our opinion, most ENTJs prefer leadership roles and managing work projects.

How to pass LNAT assessment

Here is the official LNAT Preparation site. This is the best place to find details of any changes in the process. It is also worthwhile to check the LNAT Onscreen.

Free online learning courses for school entrance

11 Plus Exam Practice

Generally speaking, we advise no more than 12 months of tuition for the Eleven Plus. So, starting at the beginning of Year 5 is probably a good time. At the very latest January of year 5 for exams taking place in September of year 6.

Royal Navy Psychometric Test Tips

The full Royal Navy testing requirements are threefold. Firstly, verbal reasoning, which assesses understanding of written information. Secondly, the numerical reasoning test, measuring the ability to solve problems using numerical information. Thirdly, the spatial ability test – testing the ability to identify patterns and relationships between shapes. These are important for problem-solving, learning and dealing with new situations.

Free Online Learning Courses

Game Designer Jobs

Being a game designer is probably the dream of most teenagers. Although they might not grasp what exactly goes into this process, who wouldn’t want to work with games all day.

Why not pursue it? While this might have only been a pipe dream when I was growing up, the possibilities in gaming and tech are growing rapidly.

Free online elearning courses

11 Plus Exam Prep Tips

One of the big issues is when to start 11 Plus preparation. Beginning tuition in years 2 or 3 is almost certainly too early. However, leaving it until the end of year 5 is probably too late. What’s more, it can create more stress for the child too, the later you leave it.

For some more inspiration, we’ve collected some of our favourite work-related quotes.

NLP Learning Techniques

  • Photo Reading Activation
  • Structure Learning

Free online elearning courses

Google’s Digital Learning Courses

Free online elearning courses

EdX Online Elearning Courses for business

Courses & Programs

Computer Science

Data Structures, Programming Languages, Web & Mobile Design.Business & Management

Digital Strategy, Economics, Finance, Product Development, Operations. Data & Analytics

AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Science, Python, SQL, C, Java. Professional Skills

Work from Anywhere

Connect and collaborate anywhere to keep your work running smoothly

Collection of 5 lessons

Teach from Anywhere

Help students continue their learning even when you’re not with them in person

Collection of 6 lessons

Online Safety & Digital Well-Being

Lessons to help students learn how to carefully and responsibly engage with technology

Collection of 7 lessons

Learn from Anywhere

Sharpen your digital skills for remote learning

Collection of 5 lessons

Google Docs

Write an If-Then Adventure Story

Collaborate with classmates to create an interactive story using Google Slides

Create a Presentation “All About a Topic”

Create an interactive presentation to share information about a topic you care about. 

Research and Develop a Topic

Learn to identify credible online sources and make an interactive research document with basic coding

Plan and Promote an Event

Create to-do lists, assign tasks, and promote an event

Organize Files in Drive

Learn how to use Google Drive to store, access, and share files such as documents, presentations, forms, and photos in one central place

Create a Budget in Google Sheets

Learn to make good financial decisions by analyzing long-term spending, researching and comparing costs, and planning for major purchases

Create a Guide to an AreaResearch and organize information about a location to create an interactive guide

Explore a Topic: Technology, Ethics, and Security

Research technology risks and dangers, explore solutions, and create a report to communicate your findings

Create a CV in Google Docs

Google ELearning

Learn to format, write, and design a professional CV that stands out

Pick the Next Box Office Hit

Act as a movie producer to analyze movie data trends to pick the next box office hit

Create an Editing Tool with Programming

Create Quizzes in Google Forms

Use Google Forms to create quizzes to test yourself and others on a topic

Organize College Information in Google Sheets

Build a list of colleges and important criteria in Google Sheets.

Conduct research and use what you find to compare schools

Explore a Topic: Technology’s Role in Current Events

More Google ELearning

Write Using Online Research

Research on the Internet, evaluate sources, draft and publish a document

Plan and Budget

Manage a Project with Digital ToolsPlan a team project, track its progress and costs, and prepare a summary report

Organize Group Projects in Google Sheets

Collaborate to learn how to use digital tools to organize a group project in a spreadsheet.

Plan an EventCreate to-do lists, assign tasks, and promote an event

Build Your Online BusinessCreate an online business in order to sell a product or service.

Use Digital Tools for Everyday Tasks

Make your life more efficient by communicating through email, using internet search, and creating documents

Negotiate Your Salary

Build Healthy Digital Habits

Create a healthy technology balance by reflecting on digital habits with one of three creative projects

Explore a Topic: Women’s History

Research a topic related to Women’s History and create a report to communicate your findings

Plan out activities for the season by organizing a spreadsheet