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Video interview Tips

In our opinion, these are the top Video Interview tips.

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Top tips for video interviews

  • Firstly, remember that many of the good practices you’re familiar with for face-to-face interviews will still apply. In particular you will need to dress smart and to appear well-groomed. Also, ensure that you maintain eye contact as much as possible with the camera.
  • Secondly, answer the video interview questions as concisely as possible. Make the most efficient use of the time available for each question. There will be a countdown timer, so use it as your guide!
  • FInally, show some consideration for your video interviewing company. If it is a reputable, research-driven video interviewing company (such as HireVue) there will be software analysing your changes in facial expression and body lanaguage. Plus, content analysis software to analyse your interview answers.

How should you conduct your video interview?

Remember to:

  • Keep your camera steady
  • Have your head and shoulders positioned square on to your camera
  • Rest your camera on a flat surface
  • Ensure that the room where you are conducting the interview is well-lit.

Online Application Tips

We aim to cover a few of the common online application mistakes.

If there’s a company you want to work for, follow them on LinkedIn and check their website; you may be able to sign up to any email alerts for new vacancies. Or send a speculative email or letter (research the name of the person to send it to) expressing why you want to work there.

Still, whilst the internet has revolutionised the way we find and apply for jobs, it’s certainly not the only way.

Online Application Mistakes

You’ve kept your search too narrow

You may have a favourite jobs site, but don’t limit yourself to just one. Some companies advertise on websites that are industry-specific, or may prefer to post vacancies on LinkedIn or their company website (check the “Careers” or the “About Us” section of the site).

More companies are asking candidates to fill out online application forms, and thanks to job sites that allow you to upload your CV and apply for numerous roles at once, the days of posting your CV and a handwritten covering letter are becoming a thing of the past.

While the average job hunter is well practised at using the internet to apply for jobs, there are still pitfalls to avoid. If you’ve been applying without much success, could you have made one of these common mistakes?

Online Application Mistakes

Too much waffle

Online application forms limit the amount of text you can enter for each response, so it’s vital to choose your words carefully.

Make sure to answer each and every question that the form asks, and to use your responses to highlight how your skills and experience match the job profile

Before you fill in your online application form, read all the information that comes with it – for example, job description and person specification. If you have limited space, give priority to the ‘must-have’ skills and experience.

Online Application Mistakes

Avoid buzz words

Recruiters and hiring managers want to see that a candidate meets their key criteria – if your application form doesn’t get a tick in each box, it may be instantly dismissed.

Remember that people ‘scan’ online data more than printed material, so keywords need to be obvious. Use a marker pen to highlight keywords and phrases in the person specification and job ad – these might be competencies, e.g, team leader with strong problem-solving skills, or experiences – editor with five years experience.

Pay attention to detail to avoid online application mistakes

Check and check again before you click ‘send’. You don’t want an unfortunate spelling mistake to land your application in the reject pile.

It is good practise to save the text in any case – you can reference it to help fill out other application forms and will need a reminder of your answers should you get an interview.

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