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      Graduate jobs market trends 2020

      Here are some of the themes affecting graduate jobs 2020.

      Plus, in our opinion the latest personality test and situational judgement test trends.

      Graduates face an increasingly challenging job market. According to the latest figures, 40% of graduates have failed to find graduate-level positions two years after finishing their degree. To help them select the very best candidates from an abundance of quality. U

      Graduate recruitment trends in 2019

      The increase in the number of graduate courses and the career benefits of having a degree has driven a huge increase in the number of graduates. There remains a limited number of vacancies each year on graduate trainee schemes.

      Graduate Careers

      During the recent years of recession, the number of graduate-entry roles became even more restricted; making graduate recruitment even more competitive. Microsoft, for example, received 15,000 job applications for each of its 150 graduate position in 2009. That year, the success ratio of applications to job offers was 1:100 at Microsoft.

      This has created a “bottleneck” between the high number of recent graduates and the considerably lower number who are successfully placed on graduate entry schemes. Clearly, there are severe implications of such a challenging job market for graduates.

      For employers too, there is a “war on talent” to find and sign-up the best possible graduates in the marketplace. It is a recruiters’ market, however, most recruiters want to recruit the top echelon of high-performing graduates who are showing the best leadership potential, the most effective ability to work in teams, the highest levels of motivation and drive etc. SJTs offer an effective means of measuring each of these abilities and attributes.

      Graduate jobs with graduate sitting behind laptop.

      Verbal reasoning test practice for Graduate jobs 2019

      Recent graduates who have just started working on a training scheme will apply their verbal reasoning skills whenever they interact or correspond with other members of staff. They need to match their verbal communication to different levels of seniority and adjust their communication style to suit the formality of the meeting or event. Graduates may also need to prepare business reports. These should not read like an essay!

      Verbal reasoning test practice for Managerial roles

      Most managers will need to use higher levels of verbal reasoning when reading or preparing reports. They need to be able to adapt their spoken and written communication style to the situation, whether addressing their subordinates or customers/ clients. Other company reporting procedures, such as appraisals, also require clearly written documentation.

      Senior managers and directors will need to use the highest levels of verbal reasoning skills when analysing company reports, dealing with compliance issues and statutory obligations. Here there is a need for concise and accurate communication.

      Verbal reasoning test practice for Customer service roles

      Effective oral communication is the key to handling customer queries or sales calls. Talking to customers on the phone or face to face demands a flexible communication style. For example, telesales personnel would be expected to respond differently to a customer who was complaining than to one who was a prospective sale. Persuasive presentation skills also rely upon a solid foundation of verbal reasoning skills.

      Graduate careers

      Verbal reasoning test practice for PA or administrative roles

      A PA’s responsibilities typically include written correspondence. For example, letters and emails, which need to use an appropriate tone and level for the intended audience. Administrative roles also need to check written documents. Also, to file these accurately. Plus, to keep on top of plans and procedures that have been agreed orally or in writing.

      Verbal reasoning practice tests – Sales roles

      Effective oral communication is the key to converting sales call prospects. In particular, sales roles in call centres which require an even more fluent style of communication style.

      Graduate jobs search

      Online testing is particularly attractive for the ease with which multinational organisations can offer the same test(s) in a wide range of different languages to graduates around the world. The use of standardised tests in the recruitment process helps to ensure that applicants from different countries and from different ethnic groups are treated fairly.

      We believe in the benefits of practice and ensuring fairness in testing. We, therefore, offer some practice aptitude tests and some practice psychometric tests. The intention is to promote as ‘level a playing-field’ as possible.

      My Practice aptitude test books 

      Firstly, Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests.

      Secondly, Passing Numerical reasoning Tests.

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