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      Examples of STEM data careers paths  

      Interview excerpts with STEM Ambassador

      After two years (and a lot of fun) designing buildings for my architecture degree two things became clear.

      1. I was good at passing exams.
      2. I was less disciplined in terms of studio work. 

      However, in myself, I knew I struggled with justifying my design choices. I reconsidered maths – in particular using it to help businesses perform – the practical application was very important to me. So I embarked on Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research. 

      10. Would you say having a degree is the only path to a successful career? 

      Absolutely not.  Degrees were a good way to get a grounding in a specialist subject in my time… I have definitely seen a shift towards different paths from what I began with.

      Would you say there are opportunities for women entrepreneurs in your career? 

      Yes most definitely.  I think the amount of skill-sharing/learning you see online makes it far easier to (become) an entrepreneur.

      11. What advice would you give your younger self and school leavers today?

      I learnt that there is more than enough time to explore what you love…

      And above all –

      Often in life the best is yet to come.

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