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GRE graduate admissions preparation

Verbal reasoning GRE preparation

From the written passages provided in the GRE Verbal Reasoning questions, you must:

  • Analyse the verbal content;
  • Draw conclusions;
  • Interprete the meaning of words, or phrases, with in the wider context of the passage.
  • Identify any assumptions the passage’s author is making;
  • Review and interprete the passage’s structure;
  • Analyse which are the key points made by the author, and which are only minor points
  • Understand what specific words mean

Numerical reasoning GRE preparation

From the written passages provided in the GRE Numerical Reasoning questions, you must:

  • Analyse the quantitative data provided
  • Use basic maths operators
  • Apply statistical and quantitative methods
  • Solve mathematical problems and reach the correct conclusion

Analytical writing GRE preparation

From the written passages provided in the GRE Numerical Reasoning questions, you must:

  • Effectively articulate complex ideas
  • Write your answers in a logical and organised way
  • Use examples as supporting evidence for your written explanations
  • Critical evaluate the evidence used in the author’s arguments
  • Demonstrate your capability to write an essay uwing written English.

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GRE College Admissions

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10 personality tips to help your Study Skills

  1. Find your best time to study. 
  2. Keep to a routine. Work in the same place at the same time each day. Also, make sure you have everything you need before you start.
  3. Work to your strengths. Schedule challenging tasks for when you are most alert. Routine ones for when you’re tired.
  4. Don’t waste time. Skim and scan before reading something in-depth.
  5. Avoid distractions. Switch emails and social media off to prevent your mind wandering !
  6. Regularly review your notes. Edit out what you don’t need. Ask yourself, how does it relate to what I already know.
  7. Vary how you to take notes – For example, use Mind Maps and diagrams to generate ideas.
  8. Be critical. Maintain a critical and analytical approach at all times!
  9. Plan your work. So, produce a detailed plan first.
  10. Understand different styles.

Our Practice assessment books 

Brilliant Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests

Brilliant Passing Numerical Reasoning Tests

GRE graduate admissions

Numerical Reasoning book reviews

Buy this book to pass!

Brilliant book. Read it from cover to cover. Don’t skip the chapters. I know it can seem patronising, the way he breaks it down, but I’d recommend reading it through.

Brilliantly practical and informative

Very clear layout to follow, questions advance over the …

Very clear layout to follow, questions advance over the chapters and it sets a steady pace. This book helped me immensely to get all the practice I needed within 3 days.

A really useful book 

Numerical Reasoning book reviews

Another really useful book by Rob!

I heartily recommend.

Five Stars

Great book and pretty hard numerical exercises.

Useful, informative and good value

A very user-friendly and easy to read guide. Really focuses your mind on brushing up on your Maths skills. The author explains clearly how you can prepare to give your best for a test. Very useful and highly recommended.

Five Stars

Great book, tons of info and test to help you understand.

Great to get some practical help on how to succeed.

Passing Verbal Reasoning book reviews

Brilliantly practical advice.

A MUST BUY for anyone attempting to pass any verbal reasoning test.

Verbal Book reviews

Excellent sample tests and explanations.

Highly recommended.

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