Grammar School Entry

Firstly, the main focus of this page is grammar school entry.

Grammar School Entry

Top grammar school plan

Secondly, A-level selection at grammar schools.

Thirdly, how some schools, particularly GROMP schools, have successfully created the grammar school ethos.

Fourthly, the latest grammar school news, listed at the bottom of the page.

Getting into grammar school

The ’11’ in the name of the test refers to the school entry age, so most pupils are 10 years old when they sit the exams. Taken by pupils in their last year of primary school who are looking to gain a state-funded grammar school place,

The test is not the same everywhere. Different schools using varying combinations of the four testing areas.

A-levels at grammar schools

England’s best girls’ grammar school, the Henrietta Barnett in north London, is among those dropping several A-levels, and relying on donations from parents.

St Joseph’s College is one of a group of three Catholic grammar schools that includes St Ambrose.

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