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How Personality Type affects Your Career

Personality type is a key factor for career guidance tests.

It may even have define your career choice. In our opinion, most ENTJs prefer leadership roles and managing work projects.

Personality type career guidance

We all know one person who loves the job. Another who just hates upper management politics. another who doesn’t want to deal with people.

Can you get promoted in a way that keeps you using your personality authentically. Unfortunately, to be successful you have to understand firstly your personality type. Secondly, the way it will interact with the people around you.

Career Guidance Tests

Personality type career mismatches

Your personality type certainly affects the way you think and act. Plus, other people’s perceptions of you.

This isn’t a complicated idea, but it is a critical one. Your personality type and any misperceptions others have about it are likely to self perpetuate and drive your career. It’s a feedback loop, regardless of whether or not it’s positive or negative; if you’re unhappy with your job and others know it, you’re likely to become more unhappy about your job. If your personality type doesn’t fit your job, you’re likely to be unhappy there.

Personality type career guidance

Career success requires finding a job that matches your personality traits. The idea becomes doubly true once you start moving up the ladder. This is why you can guess what department somebody is from just by their attitude toward the company.  So before you accept a personality-type based promotion, you need to know what jobs you can and can’t do.

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