MBTI Career Guidance

Welcome to our MBTI personality test tips. Plus, our MBTI-based career guidance and about resilience to stress based upon each of the MBTI personality test types.

MBTI career guidance

Career Guidance using the MBTI

Big Five Careers Guidance – How the Big Five personality measures can be used to match people to specific careers.

High Openness

Researcher. This seems an obvious choice for people who are creative and abstract thinkers, signature characteristics of the High Openness person.

High Caution

Psychometric designer of intelligence, personality, and aptitude tests.

Extraversion (high)

Any sales role; public relations; teaching.

Introversion (high)

Writer, scientist. 

Agreeableness (high)

Any human resources or customer services role.

Agreeableness (low)

MBTI career guidance

Any job requiring a tough-minded approach, such as a management consultant.

Emotional Stability (high)

Any high-stress job, such as clinical psychologist or head teacher.

Emotional Sensitivity (high)

  • Therapist
  • Career counselor
  • Life coach. 


– Give them space and time alone to sort out their feelings.
– Validate their feelings.
– Remind them of their strengths.
– Don’t give them advice. This will only make them feel worse.

MBTI ’Dreamers’ (INFP and INFJ)

The two IN_ types which are probably the most susceptible to stress are the ‘Healer’ (INFP) and ‘Counsellor’ (INFJ). Collectively these have been termed the ‘Dreamers’.

 MBTI ’Responders’ (ESTP and ESFP)

Typically, being ‘lost in the moment’ – being distracted or disorganized.

Typically, they quickly respond by re-adjusting their priorities, and hence their targets. The same applies to personal goals; earning these two MBTI types the very apt classification as the ‘responders’. Such time management responses allow them to adapt to the need to achieve a tangible outcome.

MBTI career guidance

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MBTI career guidance