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How to manage your career success

Your career and subsequent career success are more than just the job title you currently have. It is also more than just your dream job or position.

Your career can be described as a series of jobs that are related to each other and which grow in complexity. Consequently, making educational and career choices are not once-off processes because both jobs and people evolve. For this reason, making these choices should not be seen as an all-or-nothing decision, but rather part of an evolving process. Therefore measuring your career success to a certain job or role would be pointless.

How well do you manage your career success?


I look to the future - rather than reflecting on my previous career decisions.

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Before applying I use LinkedIn, Glassdoor etc. to research the company fully

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I have joined specialist job boards to keep me updated on suitable opportunities.

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I am always learning about at least one new skill to enhance my employability.

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When attracted to a new job post, I run through all the pros and cons before applying.

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I look to the future - rather than reflecting on my previous career decisions.

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I use various social media and useful sites to stay educated about developments in my sector/specialism.

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All feedback is useful for improving my performance at work.

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It's important to celebrate all my career successes - big or small.

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It is my sole responsibility to update my current skills - I shouldn’t expect others to assist.

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Any job disappointment still offers me a learning opportunity.

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I have an excellent understanding of my own strengths and weaknesses.

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I respect all my colleagues who are actively managing their own career plans.

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I use social media to network about new openings and suitable career opportunities for me.

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I don’t expect every job I have to fit into my overall career plan.

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I offer constructive criticism whenever invited to do so by a colleague/team member.

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I welcome all types of feedback from my colleagues - good or bad.

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I ask friends and family for advice about my career development going forward.

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Before applying, I always analyse what I'd bring to the role and any unique opportunities it offers.

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It is unrealistic to expect any role to satisfy me completely.

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I update my career plan at regular intervals.

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I am fully aware of the role features which motivate me the most.

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Instead, your career is more of a path you will follow through your life. Your interests might shift, your priorities might change and your opportunities might guide you in a different direction.

“Careers are a jungle gym, not a ladder.”

However, how you approach your career path through the years might be the secret to growing it to something more than a job. There are so many quotes from successful people on career success, opportunities and managing expectations. One thing they all seem to have in common is the importance of doing what you love.

“The only way to do a great job is to love what you do.”

Steve Jobs

However, there is one aspect of this that might be often overlooked. Doing what we love often results in burn-out. Why? Well if you love it so much you tend to put all your energy and most of your time into the work.

Therefore, even when you love what you do, make sure to strife for balance. However, always strive to do what you love and you’ll love what you do.

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