Executive Assessments 2019

The present focus regards issues on Executive Assessments 2019.

Executive Assessments 2019

Graduate jobs 2019

Graduates face an increasingly challenging job market. According to the latest figures, 40% of graduates have failed to find graduate-level positions two years after finishing their degree.

Situational judgement tests 2019

Situational judgement tests (SJTs) are prevalent in graduate recruitment. These tests presents scenarios to applicants and asks them to select the best and the worst thing to do next.

SJT scenarios are set within the context of the recruiting organisation. Hence candidates ususually find these tests easy to complete.

 Executive Assessments 2019 

Personality tests 2019

There is a vast array of personality tests. These pose questions about a candidate’s behaviour and personal preferences.

For example, whether you prefer attending parties or staying home.  It’s best to answer honestly, as these tests are carefully designed.

Behavioural consistency

Still, the principle behind biodata is behavioural consistency. Past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour.

Personality Tests Trend 2019 – Biodata questions

Personality biodata questions measure a variety of constructs. This includes attitudes, personality attributes, interests, skills, abilities, past events and experiences.

 Executive Assessments 2019 

 How have psychometric tests evolved over the years?

  • The basic principles of test development did not change significantly until around 2010. In the previous decade, ability and personality tests have evolved considerably in terms of the uses to which they are put; and in what specific assessments can measure.
  • Development of ability tests that are based on structured learning principles
  • Adaptive tests and integrity tests are already widely used in the American educational system.

Executive Assessments 2019

Additional Executive Assessment Resources

Executive Assessments 2019

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Executive Assessments 2019