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Values Test Design

Welcome to our values test design feature, which includes our NHS values fit match.

Are you considering working as an NHS doctor, or an NHS nurse?

You can get a quick oveview of your values fit using our free NHS values fit match tool.

And here is out NHS jobs search.

      Personal Values Test

      What are your personal values? Here are some questions to prompt exploration of your personal values:

      1 – When you need inspiration what do you do?

      2 – Which goals are you most proud of in your life to date?

      3 – What do you think about during your spare time?

      4 – Which subjects do you read about in your spare time?

      5 – In which activities do you lose your sense of time?

      6 – In which areas do you have the strongest reputation?

      7 – What to you choose to buy with your disposable income?

      8 – Which tasks come much easier to you than to other people?

      9 – What are your main activities in your spare time?

      NHS vales test design

      My Work Values

      How much are your personal values being met at work?

      Your our job satisfaction depends upon how close the match is between your personal and your company’s organisational values.

      Read these questions and rate each values question on a scale from 1-5 for:

      1 –Success at work is of high value to me.

      2 – My opinion is valued at work.

      3 – I value the challenges my work brings me

      4 – I value how open communication is between myself, my manager and my colleagues.

      5 – I value the amount of recognition I receive at work.

      6 – I find that my time at work passes quickly

      7 – I respect the advice and opinion (on work matters) of my manager.

      8 – I value the work I do.

      9 – My own goals align with the goals of most of my work colleagues.

      10 – I enjoy working with my manager.

      11 – I can rely upon the support of my manager and team colleagues.

      12 – I value the time I spent with my team colleagues.

      13 – It is of value to me to be the best at what I do.

      14 – My work is more valuable to me than many of my friends.

      15 – The value of my education is apparent in the work I do.

      16 – My work is of little value to me.

      17 – My work is of value to the wider public.

      NHS values test design

      Universal Values model (Schwatz)

      • Hedonism value
      • Tradition value
      • Achievement value
      • Universalism value
      • Benevolence value
      • Self-Direction value
      • Security value
      • Conformity value
      • Power value
      • Stimulation value

       honest, kind, forgiving, responsible.

      Universalism: equality, wisdom, beauty, environmentalist.

      Self-Direction: creative thinking, independence, choosing own goals, intellectually curious.

      Security: Safety, family focus, friendship / belonging.

      Conformity: Restraint of impulses, self-discipline, being polite, respecting others.

      Hedonism: Enjoying life’s pleasures.

      Achievement: Ambition, capabilities, success, influence.

      Tradition: Respect, commitment.

      Stimulation: Novelty, challenges, variety, daring.

      Power: Status, authority, wealth, societal recognition.

      NHS values test design

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