Maths game based development

Numetry: Maths Game Based Development

The latest maths game based development we’ve had input on is Numetry by Eduplaytion.

Numetry: The Maths Game You Wish You Had When You Were in School 

Quite a number of students find math to be too challenging or boring. Remember back in school when we simply watched the clock tick, waiting for recess? We often did this not because we didn’t want to learn but often because being in the classroom wasn’t as exciting as the other things that we would rather be doing. Thoughts like, “how will this help me”, or “what do I need this for?” would often come to mind. 

Maths game based development

Just as we used to feel back then in school, there are many kids these days who feel the same way. In light of this, our team at Eduplaytion has decided to find a practical solution to this issue. We have come up with an exciting product that would make learning more fun than you can imagine.

Behold a New Dawn for Learning Maths

After a development process of 18 months, our first title is nearly ready for launch. Numetry the Math Game is an educational portal designed to teach children between ages 9 to 12 math while engaging them with entertaining video games. The game is built on a story that occurs in the remote Mathema galaxy, where a group of astronauts has gone missing after they went to investigate a mysterious radio transmission.

As a player, you will join the crew on the Magellan and embark on a quest to find the lost expedition. While the children play their way through the syllabus, teachers and parents receive real-time data to track their performance on a teacher and parent dashboard. This way, you can be sure to always stay on top of your child’s academic progress. 

The Proof is in the Pudding

There are many ways to help a child learn, and games are one of such ways. We all know children love games. There is also research, showing that games are good for helping children learn. According to a study, nearly 80% of learners said they would be more productive if their learning was more game-like.

Another study shows that 70% of teachers said they saw an increase in student engagement when using educational video games. Generally, kids view games as a low-risk environment where they are willing to try new things and explore. 

Therefore, one of the best ways to accomplish effective learning is through game-based learning. The game world encourages students to use their imaginations and discover new possibilities in a fun and interactive way. Games can deliver an experience that feels more like a form of entertainment than a method of learning, which children find satisfactory. 

Maths Game Based Development

These games can also provide each student with a personalized learning experience making it possible for them to progress and solve the challenges at their own pace. By incorporating objectives and measurable goals, students can see their own progress, which promotes a sense of achievement for the players. Children also benefit from the immediate feedback that they receive while they play. They can see their performance in real-time and adapt accordingly.  

Playing is Learning and Vice Versa

Numetry is made up of a series of mini-games (or missions) that help children develop their math skills as they complete each of the challenges and progress through the game. As they complete each challenge, visible changes occur in the game world.

Each challenge forms a part of the overarching story. As players progress through the game, they will help the crew solve the mystery and find the missing astronauts. The goal is to capture the student’s attention by immersing them in an engaging story with exciting characters and cool missions. The players may not feel like they are learning because they are having so much fun. However, they are actually learning as they play.

The Magic in Making 

Eduplaytion is a developer and provider of game-based learning tools for children. The company has rapidly become a global enterprise reaching four continents and has been recognized as one of the most exciting, rising EdTech’s in Norway. Today, our team consists of experienced math teachers and passionate game developers from around the world – all sharing a common vision: to make learning fun!

Kristoffer from maths game development Eduplaytion
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Our first title, Numetry, has been developed in close collaboration with twelve schools in Norway and South America, ensuring that the game meets the needs of students, teachers, and parents. Working closely with our end users has provided us with valuable insight and enabled us to tailor our products to meet their specific needs. 

Maths Game Based Development

Numetry Game Development

To develop Numetry, our team started with the outcome standards outlined by the math curriculum. We then brought on experienced pedagogues and teachers. Their main task is to turn the theory into practical, yet entertaining games that tackle topics that are often difficult for grade school children to understand. A core aspect of the game design process is creating a linear progression of puzzles, each challenge becomes more difficult, while continually rewarding the player for success. This design pattern has been proven to work and can easily be adapted to teaching any skill. 

Including children in the development of the game has been a fundamental driver of our success thus far. Not only do they get a sense of ownership in the game, but the children also keep us on our toes and help us to identify potential problem areas and room for improvement. They help us to cross our t’s and dot our i’s. 

We did not want to leave anything up to chance when we decided to create Numetry. Attention to detail has – and will always be – our top priority. We spend a lot of time working with our users to ensure that our final product is of a high standard and meets the needs of students and teachers from around the world. This has already started to pay off: feedback from children has been incredible so far. They love playing the games and are eager to help us develop new and exciting mini-games in the future. 

Ready for Take-Off

Would you like your child to be part of a great space quest? Would you like your child to learn math in a fun, exciting way? Then this is a game for your child. The Numetry characters are all getting ready and are scheduled for departure late May 2020.

Are you struggling to find the time? Have your old math skills faded? Or is it just getting increasingly harder to motivate your children to do their homework? Then you and your child ought to try Numetry. Kindly check out for more information. You can also reach out to us via Facebook or send us an email at today.

Guess what? You don’t have to wait until launch! We created our own YouTube channel where we live stream our How to Draw series for children to learn from our illustrator as he draws various fun characters in the Numetry universe.

Learn to draw with maths game developers

Check it out today and help your child to learn in the best way possible.

Maths Game Based Development

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