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We specialise in personality test design. Hence, we offer both personality designs for assessment and for development purposes.

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Our bespoke personality test designs

Personality Assessment Design Publishers

We are not aligned with a particular test publisher. Thus, we can offer an independent perspective on any personality questionnaire design. Whilst we recommend designing bespoke personality tests, we can also advise on the most commonly used, off-the-shelf personality tests. These are listed below: firstly as general personality questionnaires; and then as personality questionnaires with specific applications.

General Personality Assessment Designs

  • SHL’s Occupational Personality Questionnaire (the 32-scale OPQ).
  • Kenexa’s OPI.
  • OPP’s 16PF5 Personality Questionnaire, MBTI Step I, MBTI Step II and the California Personality Inventory.
  • Saville Consulting’s Wave Styles.
  • Talent Q’s Dimensions.

Specific Personality Assessment Designs

  • Hogan Development Survey (de-railers)
  • Kenexa and SHL’s Motivation Questionnaires
  • FIRO-B (relationship building)
  • MBTI for Teams (team relationships) and MBTI for Coaching
  • EJI and EIQ (emotional intelligence measures)
  • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode (conflict management)
  • SHL’s Corporate Culture Questionnaire and Customer Contact Styles Questionnaire

Personality Assessment Projects

As well as offering access to the most widely used personality questionnaires, Rob Williams also has extensive experience of personality questionnaire design.

In other words, personality questionnaires that have a psychometric design that is bespoke to a specific client/job role/industry or sector.

Bespoke Personality Questionnaire Design

In our opinion, the typical stages of such a personality questionnaire design project should be:

Firstly, investigate the job role(s) using the most appropriate types of job analysis.

Secondly, study the job analysis results to determine the personality areas or competencies that measure effective work performance within this particular context.

Thirdly, you have what you need to write questions for each personality area or competency.

Thus, you are able to produce a trial personality questionnaire and deliver this to a representative sample of current employees in the role(s).

Now, you can determine the best way to validate the questionnaire: (a) For example, using performance data such as sales figures, or appraisal ratings. (b) Designing a performance rating form for completion by managers of the sample group.

Next, produce scoring keys for the personality questionnaire scales.

Then, trial the personality questionnaire alongside the performance rating form.

Next, analyse the trial data and validation data to determine the personality scales and specific questions that are most predictive of work performance.

Finally, produce the final questionnaire, norm tables and scoring key.

Psychometric Test Projects 

Rob Williams has over twenty years experience of bespoke psychometric test design. Plus ten years prior to this spent working for several of the UK’s leading test publishers. These include: IBM, OPP, SHL and HireVue.

British Airways 

Blended assessment project:

  • Situational judgment test design;
  • Numerical reasoning test design;
  • Verbal reasoning test design
  • Personality questionnaire design.

For these two British Airways roles:

– Cabin crew assessment; and

– Customer service representative assessment.

BUPA Psychometric Test Design

  • Design of realistic job preview.
  • Design of Situational judgment test.
Beneficial Outcomes
  • Best practice was followed throughout the design process in SJT design.
  • An SJT was produced which successfully incorporated a range of care home-specific scenarios.
  • The most suitable set of scenarios could be hand-picked at the SME panel meeting, as well as gaining buy-in and discussing implementation.
  • Providing some scenarios for telephone interview sifts.
  • Setting a suitable cut-off and validating the tool.

Lazard Brothers and AECOM graduate engineers

  • Situational judgement test validations

British Army Aptitude Test Design

Psychometric lead role with Kenexa IBM; managing twenty associates.

  • We developed over twenty psychometric tests;
  • Situational judgement tests for Officers and for Soldiers;
  • Realistic job previews for Officers and for soldiers;
  • Ability tests (including problem-solving test) for Officers;
  • Ability tests (including a spatial reasoning test) for soldiers;
  • Officer personality questionnaire;
  • Soldier career guidance tools.

Talent Gene

  • Strengths test design.
  • Values test design.
  • Validating data sets for above two tests.
  • Improving reliability and validity.

Education and public sectors

  • Numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, abstract reasoning and decision analysis tests.
  • Critical reasoning aptitude test (legal sector).
  • Situational judgement test (health sector).

Citibank Situational Judgement Test Design

  • Designing blended assessments for retail and call centre operations across the USA.
  • Allowing for cultural differences in Mexican operations.
  • Managing item writing team for SJTs, ability tests, biodata questions etc.

EPSO Aptitude Test Design

  • Development of project management test.
  • Design of IT skills-based aptitude tests.

Test sift. 
A sift-out of those candidates that are unfit to progress to the next recruitment stage. Based on their poor fit and/or understanding of the job role to which they’ve applied. For example, when selecting middle managers and specialist managerial positions.

Practice aptitude test tips books 

Firstly, Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests book.


Secondly, our Passing Numerical reasoning Tests book.

Personality Assessment Design

Our personality test design  /  Personality type tips  /  Our personality tests research 2019

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