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GCSE Career Guide

Whether you want to be the next Richard Branson or simply don’t want to go onto further education, there are plenty of options for GCSE entry level jobs. 

So you’ve just done your GCSEs, what next? While many people choose to go on to do A-Levels and a degree at University, it is possible to pursue a different path.

For example, if you live in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland you can, with very few exceptions, leave school at 16 and get a job. Check out the Government website here for more details.

In England, though it’s a little more complex. Until you are 18 you really have only two options. You either need to combine employment/self-employment with some form of part-time education or you can get an apprenticeship or traineeship instead.

GCSE English Past Papers – Revision

GCSEs, or the General Certificate of Secondary Education, is a particular type of examination conducted in Wales, England, Northern Ireland and elsewhere around the world.

These exams are usually taken by 15- and 16-year-old students after studying for two years. They are also used to mark their graduation from the phase 4 stage of secondary education.

Revision for GCSE exams is essential as it helps the students to memorise figures, topics, facts and methodologies that they have studied. This process also helps to enhance their confidence level and lessen anxiety.

Some students find these tests tougher than others, however, it is possible to achieve good grades in GCSE exams if revision is started three months before. The students can also prepare themselves for GCSE revision by setting detailed goals.

It is very important to identify areas of weaknesses and put goals in place accordingly as this will support them in their studies for the next few months. The students can further set their goals by looking at the marking criteria.

These show them what the boards are searching for and what they should study in order to obtain specific scores. It is also essential for the students to create a revision timetable. With the help of said timetable they can add structure to their lessons and organise the time according to their schedule.