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ISEE Practice Tests

Welcome to our ISEE practice tests & Common Entrance Exam.

Students from 5th to 9th grade can appear for this test but the level of tests will be different depending on the grades they are appearing for. The 9th grade admission tests are the toughest ones.

Try our ISEE test practice.

Questions asked on the ISEE:

The test will be based on verbal reasoning, comprehension, quantitative reasoning, mathematical knowledge, etc. These kinds of topics will be common in all levels of tests. There will be very minor differences between the different grade level tests. The comprehension reading part lasts for not more than 25 minutes, followed by the mathematics achievement, which lasts for 30 minutes. Along with two to three other portions of the test, the total duration become 2hrs 50 minutes.

Preparation for the ISEE:

The preparation of the test can be done online and offline both. The ISEE preparation guide needs to be monitored first. There are online portals where practice test sessions can be attended and this is one of the best ways to prepare for the test. Most of the study material can be availed from the internet. There is nothing much to learn before appearing as most of it will be based on past experience.

Try our ISEE test practice.

Our ISEE Tips

One of the most common reasons behind falling short for this test is the anxiety. This is one of the worst things and when it kicks in, situations get really ugly. The more the students practice on the online test portals, the better they will be able to perform on the day of the actual examination.

ISEE practice tests

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Try our ISEE test practice.