Assessment Centre Design

We focus here on assessment centre design.

The reliability of any exercise depends upon many factors:

  • Quality of the competency framework.
  • Use of experienced and well-briefed / well-trained assessors.

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Director Assessment Centre Design

Assessment centres have a well-proven track record for recruiting new employees and selecting existing staff for promotion. Research supports their use as one of the most valid and fair processes available to occupational psychologists – if used in accordance with best practice.

An assessment centre involves written exercise, intray exercise, presentation exercise, role play, and / or a group exercise. Group exercises and presentation exercises are particularly popular for graduate assessment centres.

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Why use Assessments for Director jobs?

An assessment allows the candidate to demonstrate abilities in practice. Whereas an interview cannot do this.

Director Assessment Centre Fairness

Additional methods of assessment can, therefore:

  • Improve the quality and quantity of information on which to base the selection decision
  • Allow candidates to demonstrate how they meet requirements, rather than relying on self-report and performance at interview.

The most effective way of predicting job performance is to use a mix of assessment methods and look at the results in an integrated way to build up a picture of the candidate.

The most complex being a full Assessment Centre using a range of tests and exercises. In our opinion, assessment centres have the best ROI for graduate and for managerial positions.

We believe it is less appropriate to use a battery of assessment techniques for jobs requiring basic level skills. Rather than enhancing the outcome, this could put potential applicants off.

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Using Director level assessments

Using a range of assessment tools has candidate UX benefits. They are more likely to believe the recruitment process is fair and worthwhile.

Role analysis for Director jobs

After reassuring the hiring ratio and time schedule, the next stage is to define the jobs in demand. In role analysis, the smallest unit of analysis is a task. A task is an assigned piece of work that is finished to some standard within some piece of time. The tasks performed by one individual are termed as a position. All identical or similar positions make up a job.

JOB ANALYSIS for Director Jobs

  • The job title.
  • The main purpose of the job.
  • The main tasks, responsibilities, and operations the job involves.
  • Supervision given and received
  • Work conditions
  • Initial requirements from a candidate.