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We cover both bespoke pretesting and bespoke screening tests. Screening tests can help you identify which applicants are a good match for the role and for your company culture.

These are more valid than cv’s which can leave recruiters to fill in the gaps between what’s written and what’s actually relevant. Skills tests during the application stage help filter out applicants who don’t have the skills you need. 

Here are two other advantages:

1) Fair and valid psychometric tests

To efficiently assess which candidates are best matched to the specific job function. Secondly, for

2) Vetting candidate interest

Since career sites often have a ‘click-to-apply’ functionality, and it’s not uncommon for job seekers to apply for many roles at once, including roles that they aren’t adequately qualified for. Attaching skills tests to application processes ensures that committed candidates will go through the test while those not serious will opt not to complete it. 

Bespoke Pretesting

Skills you can test for using online pre-employment tests

Cognitive abilities screening

If you’re filling roles that require a deep level of analytical and critical thinking, our cognitive ability tests help you identify those candidates.

Culture fit screening

Personality and culture fit tests reveal

  • Insights into candidates
  • Fit to their workplace.

Situational judgment screening

Situational judgments tests measure how candidates and applicants respond to work-related challenges and situations.

Language test screening

If you’re hiring for roles that require a certain language level, testing candidates’ language skills before interviewing them is a great way of getting a feel for their capabilities.

Profiling and Screening Candidates

Bespoke profiling psychometric tests

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Bespoke Screening Tests

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