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Welcome to our Remote Leadership 2021 feature.

How should leaders prepare for hybrid work?
What is best practice when setting up teams for hybrid success?

Hybrid working is becoming part of the new normal. Hence we have developed our wfh personas based upon individual personality differences. We have also developed a digital leader assessment based upon our remote leadership model 2021.

How to run a hybrid team meeting

  • Instal monitors into your conference room can be helpful in displaying those who are remote so it feels like they are in the room with you.
  • Always keep someone on standby who is tech savvy. Then that individual can step in and solve any tech-related issues without jeopardising the call itself. Ideally, there would be someone on both ends of the hybrid team meeting….
  • The alternative to this being having each of your tream trained on how to troubleshoot the most likely tech issues to arise.
  • Don’t forget that any hybrid team meeting is also the ideal opportunity to share info across the team. We advise aiming to share as much as possible. Even if this is just to promote inclusion, and that no member of the hybrid team is being forgotten.

Our remote leadership 2021 tips

  1. Apply the four types of Empathy
  2. Be an advocate for work-life balance
  3. Create time for social / non-work activities
  4. Ask for and share feedback regularly
  5. Offer individual support directly
  6. … as part of your regular 1-to-1’s
  7. Use empowerment built upon trusting worker-manager relationships
  8. Instill work meaning
  9. Always be transparent
  10. Prioritise ‘connectedness’ over constant messaging
  11. Use any tech that facilitates ‘remote working
  12. Establish communication norms and expectations

How to help remote leaders adapt to hybrid working

The saving costs and increased felxibility of moving to remote working are now clearly stated. In fact, many companies committed to continuing some form of remote working post-pandemic. Probably, hybrid working.

Remote Worker Wellness, lady's hands at laptop
Digital Transformational Leadership

Digital Transformational Leadership

that said, for graduates and other newly onboarded new employees, 2020 and 2021 have their own challenges. Not just poor broadband, working from your bedroom or other home working distractions.

The major difficulties have firstly been integrating new staff into team and company cultures. Secondly, and aligend with the first is how best to train and transfer knowedge – especially for knowledge workers when there is no one-on-one interaction.

Hiring managers are particualrly eager to learn how best to integrate new graduates within remote working set-ups.

Well-being is another priority for HR managers. The need now to facilitate healthy staff relationships among employees. As well as providing all the communicatation and digital collaboration resources needed to support remote working teams.

Remote leadership 2021

Remote Leadership

  • Many employees report they’ve been as productive or more productive while working remotely. However, there are also clear risks associated with spending less time in the office. 45% of newly remote workers said their sense of belonging suffered after they started working from home.
  • This is why companies need to make a concerted effort to address new employees’ social and emotional needs by introducing them to people across departments. Also, by setting up unstructured time that provides a chance to build relationships without the pressure of deadlines or other stresses.
  • Managers who have demonstrated emotional intelligence and a firm understanding of the company’s mission and values should be mentors to new employees.
  • Ongoing training and professional development opportunities should be available, particularly to recent graduates and other young employees, who place a premium on education in the workplace.
  • There are many strategies for bringing young remote workers on board and helping them feel comfortable in their new roles.
  • Hiring managers and HR professionals should remember that the era of remote work doesn’t mean the importance of human connection has diminished.

Hybrid team issues and digital transformation

Establish team roles and team responsibilities

Some of your team will thrive working remotely, whilst other reports will feel less motivated.

It’s important that you check-in with each of your team as part of your regular 1-to-1’s. This can be simple as asking, How are you doing? to test the water for how well they are currently coping.

Your team will outline their current challenges to you. Then, as the transformational skills leader you need to constantly reassess their relative strengths and weaknesses.

Remote Leadership 2021

Digital Skills graduate employers value most

  • Resilience
  • Persistence
  • Influence
  • Ability to Learn
  • Communication Skills

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