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Welcome to our Virtual Jobs from home info.


      Lifestyle vlogger

      • Create on-demand or livestreamed video content focused on their day-to-day life.
      • Earning money from partnerships and ad revenues. 

      Events coordinator

      • With more events going online due to the pandemic, so too are their organizers.
      • Managing, planning and executing events
      • Earn up to £60,000. 

      Shoutcaster ­

      • Approx 500 people shoutcasters commentate on esports matches.
      • Earn from contracts and direct donations. 

      Channel editor

      • Content creators contract people to create / edit video content for their online channel(s).
      • Platforms such as Twitch, Mixer, Facebook and YouTube. 

      Digital asset creator

      • Creating digital assets for virtual worlds.
      • Approx 40,000 people.
      • Earning money through direct sales / commissions. 

      Virtual Jobs from home

      Indie game developer

      • Approx 40,000 people developing games for independent digital distribution.
      • Especially those crowdfunded on platforms (Kickstarter, Patreon). 


      • Playing a video games onTwitch.
      • Earn from platform partnerships, viewer subscriptions, ads etc. 

      Virtual Jobs from home

      Content manager

      • Curating, managing and organizing online content.
      • For a community, organization, website or platform . 

      Community manager

      • Approx 400,000 community managers.
      • Building / managing brand’s online communities.
      • Such as responding to users on Twitter (on their brand’s behalf). 

      Skin designer

      • Designers of “skins” creates graphics / audio to changing character appearances
      • Upto £50K earnings per skin.


      Virtual Jobs from home

      Builds video game modifications, incl. questlines, maps, characters and skins. 


      • Collecting items in-game, then selling these to other players.
      • For example useful and/or rare money items, weapons, clothes, and furniture etc.

      Esports player

      • Approx. 100,000 income-earning esports players worldwide.
      • Collect tournament winnings and sponsorships.
      • Upto $3 million annual income possible. 

      Social Media Influencer ­

      • Approx. 800,000 globally
      • The more highly paid virtual roles.
      • Create content and build a personal brand around their own lifestyle.
      • Earnings are from their partnerships with brands, who use them to market products or services. 

      Esports coach

      • Often retired professional players.
      • Earning up to £100,000 a year.
      • Advise and organize team training sessions – for a cut of any prize money. 

      Esports partnership manager ­

      • Approx 800 esports partnership managers.
      • Manage sponsorships and brand partnerships.
      • Sell sponsorship deals and secure brand partnerships for events, teams and leagues. 

      Virtual Jobs from home

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