Virtual Teams Digital Skills

Welcome to our Virtual Teams Digital Skills and top virtual teams  tips feature.

We also aim to address the question, How to make virtual teams work?

*  Content Updated Q2 2021  *

Our Virtual Teams Digital Skills recommendations

Hybrid working is becoming part of the new normal. Hence we have developed our wfh personas model.

We have also developed a digital leadership model 2021. Again, digital leadership development is becoming increasingly popular for companies coming out of lockdown.

We plan to offer assessments for both:

Virtual Teams Digital Skills

Our Top Virtual Teams Tips

  1. Hybrid working means having the team physically together at regular intervals
  2. Spend more focus on clarifying processes (and individual tasks)
  3. Set-up a ‘communication charter’
  4. Leverage the best communicaiton tech
  5. Build a team with rhythm
  6. Agree on a shared language
  7. Create a ‘virtual water cooler’
  8. Clarify and track team commitments
  9. Foster shared leadership
  10. Understand how the team was lead historically.

Virtual Teams Digital Skills

Digital Leadership Transformation

Hybrid team issues are impacting most corporations coming out of lockdown. We therefore pose a number of key questions. For each one, a digital transformational leader will know how to implement one (or more) solution(s).

How to reset team roles and team responsibilities?

Some of your team will thrive working remotely, whilst other reports will feel less motivated. Hence the urgent need for our hybrid work modelwfh personas and digital leadership assessment.

It’s important that you check-in with each of your team as part of your regular 1-to-1’s. This can be simple as asking, How are you doing? to test the water for how well they are currently coping.

Digital skills transformation

Your team will outline their current challenges to you. Then, as the transformational skills leader you need to constantly reassess their relative strengths and weaknesses.

Digital Skills graduate employers value most

  • Resilience
  • Persistence
  • Influence
  • Ability to Learn
  • Communication Skills

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