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GCSE grade inflation

We cover all school exam grades:

  • A-Level grades
  • GCSE grades
  • University admissions
  • University exams

Teachers Inflating Predicted Grades

Millions of proposed GCSE and A-levels grades could be downgraded by exam boards this summer because teachers have been too generous in their predictions.

The predicted grades in the study were not the final ones submitted by schools, and Ofqual does not insist on an identical spread of grades each year.

In every subject that the think-tank FFT Education Datalab looked at, the average grade proposed by teachers for 2020 was higher than the average grade awarded in 2019.

According to one estimate, if GCSE grades in England were to be kept in line with 2019’s results, around a third of teachers’ predictions would need to be shifted downward.

ln 2019 just one in five students applying to university met or exceeded their UCAS predicted grades.

Teacher Predictions

Teacher predictions were based on an overall professional judgement, using the evidence of essays, previous exams and coursework. These teacher predictions will be moderated so the overall national results and shares of grades are in line with previous years.

English A-Level and GCSE Results days announced

  • GCSE results will be published on 20 August.
  • A-level results will be published on 13 August.
  • In other words, across England, all pupils’ grades for cancelled GCSE exam results and A-level exam results will be published in accordance with their original scheduling.

For those pupils who think they would have done better in an exam, there is the promise of another exam that can be taken in the autumn.

But for A-level students planning to use their results to go to university, or deciding whether to defer a year, it is still uncertain whether university campuses will reopen in the autumn or will be teaching online.

Students could sit A-level exams in October and GCSEs in November if they are unhappy with their summer results, under proposals published by the Government.

Exact dates have not been released because of the continued uncertainty around the full reopening of schools and colleges, exams regulator Ofqual said.

Evidenced assessment

The largest pill to swallow for pupils taking school exams this year is the use of ‘evidenced assessment’. In summary:

  • Unhappy pupils will still be able to take exams in September, or sooner if schools have reopened.
  • Any pupils still unhappy with their results can resit their exams in summer next year.

This system of “moderated assessment” was set out by the exam regulator Ofqual yesterday, two days after this year’s GCSE and A level exams were cancelled. Schools shut to most pupils yesterday afternoon.

Update for all school and university exams and admissions 2020

Different exam boards for school and university exams

Below you will find links to the different exam board websites, where updates will be provided as they become official. Some of these also provide access to past papers too.

A-Level Grades

  • This year’s A-Levels are to be graded using evidenced assessment. This means teachers will grade their own pupils. 
  • Then the plan is for A Level exam boards to combine such teacher grades with other data to calculate a final grade.
  • Results need to be ready by the end of July.

GCSE Grades

  • Like this year’s A-Levels, the Government has announced that GCSE’s will also be marked using evidenced assessment.
  • According to Ofqual, teacher grades are to include mock exam results and marks from submitted work.
Update for all school and university exams and admissions 2020

What about Universities?

Most Universities are now using online assessments. Compared to what our schools face – this is an easier proposition at degree level.

Student asleep at books, update for all school and university exams and admissions 2020

University exams

  • University students have been sent home. 
  • No more face to face teaching will happen this term. 
  • Probably not next term either – certainly not next half-term if we choose to go on our Prime Minister’s 12-week indicator.  Students have been told that summer exams will be online. Students will not return to their universities until Autumn.

What about University Admissions?

  • In normal years, University relies on a very familiar A-Level system. 
  • Pre-coronavirus – for argument’s sake (at least in the UK) a few weeks ago, the biggest controversy was the few University announcements that unconditional places were being reduced.
  • Last week, we learned that Universities can:
  • Rely on offers already made
  • Adopt the Government’s own system (once they have one)

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Update for all school and university exams and admissions 2020

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