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School practice tests

Here you can buy our school practice tests. These are very handy in getting that daily practice to stay ahead.

Make sure to go through the answers at the end. Have a look at the steps in getting to the correct answer and make sure you understand. Try the school practice test again.

For more practice try our Paper & Pencil Tests with Answers on a separate sheet available for download:

Non-Verbal Reasoning 11 plus

Verbal Reasoning 11 plus

English 11 plus

Maths 11 plus

MATHS GCSE and 11 plus Maths

GCSE Maths Practice Test Quiz

CAT4 Number Series. Computer code building an image

CAT4 Quantitative Test 1

11+ Maths Practice Test 1

Ten Minute Maths Test

11 Plus Maths Sample Test


SATs Grammar Practice

English writing skills. Womeon on laptop with dog.

How to improve your written English language skills


11Plus Verbal Reasoning Test 2. Child showing hands full of writing.

11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Test 2

11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Test 1. Man with letters all around

Verbal Reasoning Test 1 (11 plus)

11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Test. Candidates writing test in exam venue

11 Plus Verbal Quiz 3

CLOZE Verbal Reasoning Tests. Girl with glasses on her head resting her arms on a stack of books

CLOZE Verbal Reasoning Test (11 plus)

School practice test with immediate feedback

Our other Immediate Exam Feedback Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning Tests follow our regular blogs here.

Our FREE school practice tests

School practice exams