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      Free Aptitude Test Practice for teaching

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      Practice Paper and Pencil Tests

      For more practice try our Paper & Pencil Tests with Answers on a separate sheet available for download:
      £3.49 each

      11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning Practice Test One£3.49 – 11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning Practice Test Two
      Verbal Reasoning 11 plus Practice Test One
      11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Practice Test Two
      Free – 11 Plus Maths Practice Test One.

      Feedback Now! Our 10-Min Tests with immediate feedback

      Our Ten Minute tests are very handy in getting that daily practice to stay ahead.

      Try your hand at one or invest in a bundle. Ten-minute test practise might be just what you need.

      Make sure to go through the answers at the end. Have a look at the steps in getting to the correct answer and make sure you understand. Try the test again.

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      GCSE Maths Practice Test Quiz

      CAT4 Number Series. Computer code building an image

      CAT4 Quantitative Test 1

      11+ Maths Practice Test 1

      Ten Minute Maths Test

      11 Plus Maths Sample Test


      SATs Grammar Practice

      English writing skills. Womeon on laptop with dog.

      How to improve your written English language skills


      11Plus Verbal Reasoning Test 2. Child showing hands full of writing.

      11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Test 2

      11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Test 1. Man with letters all around

      Verbal Reasoning Test 1 for the 11 plus

      11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Test. Candidates writing test in exam venue

      11 Plus Verbal Quiz 3

      CLOZE Verbal Reasoning Tests. Girl with glasses on her head resting her arms on a stack of books

      CLOZE Verbal Reasoning 11 plus Test

      Our other Immediate Exam Feedback Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning Tests follow our regular blogs here.

      Independent School Exams

      Job specific psychometric test practice

      CEB SHL Verbal and Numerical Reasoning Test Practice

      Aptitude test practice books

      Rob Williams’s five practice aptitude tests books are all available on Amazon:

      Firstly, in our opinion Brilliant Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests is the best aptitude test practice book for Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests.

      Secondly, in our opinion, Brilliant Passing Numerical Reasoning Tests is the best aptitude test practice book for Passing Numerical Reasoning Tests.

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