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We believe that working through verbal reasoning SHL practice tests will help you to achieve your peak SHL psychometric test performance.

There are many other SHL practice test options suggested here, in addition to verbal reasoning SHL practice tests.

  1. SJT One practice
  2. Situational Judgement Test Two practice
  3. Inductive Reasoning Test practice
  4.  Deductive Reasoning Test practice
  5. Verbal Reasoning Test practice
  6. Numerical Reasoning Test practice
  7. Situational Judgement Test One practice
  8. Inductive Reasoning Test practice
  9. Deductive Reasoning Test practice
  10. Occupational Personality Inventory practice personality test
  11. Rapid Personality Questionnaire practice personality test
  12. Advance series of practice aptitude tests
  13. Infinity Series of practice aptitude tests

Free online numerical reasoning SHL practice test

 Free online numerical reasoning test practice

More free online verbal reasoning SHL practice test

Free online verbal reasoning test practice

SHL Practice Test Bundle 1

Access to the SHL Practice Test Bundle 1 for a single attempt at the following practice tests: Numerical Reasoning Practice Test One || Verbal Reasoning Practice Test One

SHL Practice Test Bundle 2

Access to the SHL Practice Test Bundle 2 for a single attempt at the following practice tests: SHL Numerical Reasoning Practice Test Two || SHL Verbal Reasoning Practice Test Two

More Free SHL Test Practice

SHL Psychometric Test Practice 

Intro to SHL Personality Testing 

In our opinion, most medium to large-sized organisations recruiting graduates now use SHL psychometric tests. Therefore you must understand what an SHL psychometric tests looks like, how SHL psychometric tests work, and how they can achieve their best possible performance by practicing using SHL practice tests.

Thus, SHL’s OPQ is one of the most popular personality tests used by UK employers for selection. This has been true for many years, although Saville Consulting’s WAVE has increasing popularity. The Myers Briggs personality test has been the most popular personality test for developmental purposes for the last 20-30 years.

SHL Personality Test Tips

  • Firstly, employers are looking for certain personality traits in any role – as indicators of high job performance in key areas. The OPQ has 32 personality traits grouped into categories such as Sociability, Influence and Thinking Style. For example, the Influence grouping of personality traits includes the personality traits of being Persuasive, Outspoken, Independent-Minded.
  • Check for a “faking scale” which for the OPQ personality test is called the Social Desirability scale. This measures how socially desirable your responses are. An example question with socially desirable responses, such as never lying, that everyone lies.
  • Thirdly, read each personality test question carefully and don’t lose your concentration before you reach the end of the personality test.
  • Check whether you will be doing either the ipsative or normative version. There are three main types of personality test: ipsative (forced-choice); normative; or nipsative (a mixture of normative and ipsative personality test format).
  • There are no time limits when completing such a personality questionnaire.
  • Finally, since this is a personality test, there are no right and wrong answers.

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Verbal reasoning test practice

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Free Psychometric Test Practice

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