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      SEO and Digital MarketerEnterprise Software – Business Development ManagerTech StartUp – Software Sales Graduate, EMEA/APACCustomer Success RepresentativeHead of Sales – EMEA & APACProduct ManagerEcommerce ExecutiveJunior Marketeer / Creative Designer
      Delivery Lead, Propel
      Management Accountant (Fixed Term)

      Scale-up Job Examples

      Below we list some options within this career field. On each of the below pages you will find detailed information on the skills and education needed for each.

      However, keep in mind that this will change regularly.  Working in the field of Computing & ICT would mean that you will have to commit yourself to being a lifelong learner. Constant new developments these fields imply that if you do not stay on top of these, you will fall behind.

      AI or artificial intelligence jobs in design & tech. Image of robot holding virtual brain
      Artificial Intelligence Jobs
      Business analyst at desk with paperwork and computer
      Business Analyst
      Man at computer looking at data science as jobs in computing & ict
      Data Scientist
      Mobile app designer holding phone and navigating with finger.
      Mobile App Developer
      Two men at computer working in software engineer jobs.
      Software Engineer

      How to find Computing Jobs

      The world of computing is seeing huge growth.  Therefore some form of tertiary education will be beneficial.

      Keeping up to date with developments is essential and will be an ongoing process. You will only stay ahead here if you are prepared to commit yourself to lifelong learning.

      computing jobs

      Keep an eye on

      • Our Career Guidance Tips
      • LinkedIn Jobs
      • Various other reputable career websites

      The world of Computing & ICT can be very exciting and rewarding. Make sure to keep up to date with new developments and your skills will become invaluable. The opportunities are endless and if this is your interest, the future holds great promise.

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