Marketing Science Career

Inspiring answers on Verity Gill’s marketing science career at Facebook.

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Marketing Science career path

I studied econometrics at Uni and really loved it and was luckily pretty good at it. Then I went into banking and gravitated towards technical analysis (looking at stock movements and trying to identify patterns to predict future moves). However, finance didn’t float my boat at all. I got chatting to a friend who was in media. She said they were always looking for smart people in effectiveness. Subsequently, I interviewed for Mindshare and got the job. I loved that job then had kids, built a social network site, gravitated to digital effectiveness and here I am!

Marketing science career challenges (for women)

I cannot wait for the work environment to be more actively designed around us. If you look around at the modern office, they are really great, but I doubt we would have designed them like this. More natural influence, more tactile furniture, different temperatures, places to meditate, places to talk to your kids on facetime etc…

Is a degree the only path to a successful career? 

Definitely not. If you love something you can learn about it in your own way. Sometimes the best way to learn is not to be taught

Yes, thank goodness. We are the only thing holding ourselves back in the world of entrepreneurship. 

Try everything, don’t be afraid and stop worrying about failure… the worst that can happen is that you learn something!

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