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The desire to become an entrepreneur is a significant motivator for one to start their own business, such as a start-up company. Notably, the hard work of both a business owner and employees determines the success of any venture. Consequently, any individual wishing to start a business should consider their interests and passion.

Entrepreneur Test – Personality Traits

The Entrepreneur ‘s Money Making Vision

If you can easily think of many compelling ways to make money, then you have the foundation entrepreneur personality test trait.

Entrepreneur test

Being proactive – a ‘Self Starter

Entrepreneurs are known for being individualistic. Sucessful innovation doesn’t happen if you follow others. Or if you allow any distractions – such as your personal life – get in your way.

The key personality trait here is

  • Being Proactive

Drive to Achieve and Being Competitive

The big difference between entrepreneurs and everyone else is that they’re motivated by setbacks. There are a couple of key personality traits here:

  • Competitive Mindset
  • Achievement Driven

Entrepreneur traits

Exceptional Drive and Passion (for your business)

Tne entreprenuer trait of passion means focusing only on the goals that drive their business success. Although in general entrepreneurs are very driven to achieveey’re passionate about.

There are a couple of key personality traits here:

  • Competitive Mindset
  • Achievement Driven

Action Orientated

Do you find yourself easily bored? Some people might think that’s a problem. There’s nothing wrong with being bored with activities that don’t use your abilities or aren’t challenging.

You’re constantly striving for more because you realize victories are short-lived. That’s why you see a lot of entrepreneurs start a thriving business and move on to another — they want to tackle new challenges and setbacks.

Entrepreneur test

Playing the Long Game (and delaying gratification)

Few successful entrepreneurs experienced overnight success. The reality is that it may take years, if not decades, for entrepreneurs to develop and launch a business. Even after they start their business, it takes a decent amount of time to start turning a profit. It takes many around three years, but this can vary.

Because of this, entrepreneurs must be patient and willing to delay gratification.

Entrepreneur traits

When you’re at work, are you a rock star? This means you excel at your job, and people flock to you. When you get home, are you more of a loner?

That’s not exactly shocking. Entrepreneurs place a huge emphasis on their work. Even bigger on having productive habits at work. It’s their priority — even at the expense of close personal relationships.

Critical Analysis – spotting trends

When entrepreneurs are out and about, they’re taking stock of what’s going on around them. It’s not some strange safety precaution. It’s because they’re looking for trends and analyzing what customers are demanding.

You go big or go home

Of course, just because you go all-in doesn’t mean you do so carelessly. Entrepreneurs minimize risks by surrounding themselves with the right people, being resilient and addressing their fears to let them go.

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Entrepreneur test

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Entrepreneur Test

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