STEM Head of Solutions

Anthea Oon (DeSyllas), one of the Women in Data Ambassadors on her life and working as Head of Solutions at Money Dashboard.

Head of Solutions Career path

I knew what I didn’t want to do but not what I did! I joined a graduate programme at L’Oreal straight from university and whilst working in market research there I was presented to by a company called dunnhumby. The rest, as they say, is history.

Head of Solutions Changes and Challenges

Flexible working – enabling women to better manage their hectic home lives alongside the demands of work.

Having a degree is not the only way but it definitely still helps. There is definitely space for women entrepreneurs and we need more.

Most leadership teams/boards I see in our industry are particularly vanilla. We need more diversity in these teams – more diversity in thinking, leading to better, high performing, successful teams.

Head of Solutions Advice

Do what you love and feel passionate about – don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. There are too many people out there who hate what they do which is a travesty, as work takes up such a big part of your life. Focus on something that you’re happy to get out of bed for!

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Head of Solutions