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11+ non-verbal reasoning test tips

The key learning point is to take on-board the 11 plus non-verbal reasoning test as simply a new skill to master. Learning to drive typically takes a few months with some regular weekly time devoted to practice. Your realistic expectation is to learn strategies and a process for passing the exam –  there’s no need to overachieve and to expect to become the best driver out there. ‘Squiggles’ tests certainly can divide opinion.

Introduction to the 11 plus NVR

It’s those test questions based upon geometric shapes and interpreting the patterns in these figures which are called abstract reasoning tests. Test takers are asked to identify the pattern in a series of these shapes. Such abstract reasoning tests usually comprise of shapes, such as squares, triangles and squares. The pattern can be how the shapes change through, for example, their shading, rotation or reflection. Such non-verbal reasoning tests usually comprise of shapes, such as squares, triangles and squares. The pattern can be how the shapes change through, for example, their shading, rotation or reflection.

11 plus non verbal reasoning

Why is non-verbal reasoning so important?

Graduate non-verbal reasoning test scores provide an indication of learning potential. Non-verbal reasoning tests indicate an ability to reason logically and to work with new ‘ideas’. In summary, non-verbal reasoning tests assess critical thinking.

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Non-Verbal Reasoning Step-by-Step Strategies

Series format non-verbal reasoning tips

Series non-verbal reasoning questions present 4 to 5 boxes in a line. The individual boxes contain a series of ever-evolving figures. For example, there may be one black square and four white circles in the first box. A regular increase in the number of black figures by one each time could be the pattern that needs to be identified. The pattern in the second box would be two black figures and so on.

“Complete the pattern” non-verbal reasoning practice

In the “complete the pattern” type of non-verbal reasoning, you need to select which of the five answer options completes the 2 rows by 2 columns, or the 3 by 3 box. This sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is. Typically, the pattern is the same in both the horizontal and the vertical direction. So, if there are 3 rows by 3 columns then the pattern across each row and column becomes even easier to spot.

Odd One Out format non-verbal reasoning practice

Odd One Out non-verbal reasoning test formats presents five figures; one of which does not fit with the other four figures.

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11 plus non verbal reasoning