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In this game-based assessment tips tag, you can firstly find all of our most useful and up-to-date game-based assessment practice information.

We worked with HireVue subsidiary MindX providing the psychometric design for 7-8 of their most successful game based assessments.

Game-based assessments evaluate a range of competencies. In particular, cognitive skills (e.g. numeracy, working memory, problem-solving). Also, the cognitive component of behaviours. For example the emotion recognition component of empathy.

Secondly, you can find all of the tips and practice tests on our site.

Game-based assessments are based on decades of psychological research. Hence, these assessments are used to predict job performance and cognitive skills. Since game-based assessments mimic tasks successfully used in traditional psychometric assessments they are very useful in predicting job performance.

We look at various aspects of game-based assessment. These include

  • general tips on these game-based assessments practice
  • books that can be helpful in your preparation
  • how to prepare for game-based assessments
  • game-based assessment tips

We hope you find this useful.

ASU partnered with Nucco Brain, a virtual and augmented reality company, to create a new learning experience for ASU Prep Digital students by using the new technology.

The new technology aims to get students more involved in the classroom and have a more hands-on learning experience, officials from ASU Prep Digital and Nucco Brain said.

Nucco Brain is a corporate content creation studio that has expertise in VR and AR, said Hilary Taylor, marketing manager at Nucco Brain.

Nucco Brain creates assessments for ASU Prep Digital classes that create immersive experiences by using the Google Cardboard goggles and app to bring the class to life.

Maths game based development

Numetry: Maths Game Based Development

The latest maths game based development we’ve had input on is Numetry by Eduplaytion.

Numetry: The Maths Game You Wish You Had When You Were in School 

Quite a number of students find math to be too challenging or boring. Remember back in school when we simply watched the clock tick, waiting for recess? We often did this not because we didn’t want to learn but often because being in the classroom wasn’t as exciting as the other things that we would rather be doing. Thoughts like, “how will this help me”, or “what do I need this for?” would often come to mind. 

Maths game based development

Just as we used to feel back then in school, there are many kids these days who feel the same way. In light of this, our team at Eduplaytion has decided to find a practical solution to this issue. We have come up with an exciting product that would make learning more fun than you can imagine.

Behold a New Dawn for Learning Maths

After a development process of 18 months, our first title is nearly ready for launch. Numetry the Math Game is an educational portal designed to teach children between ages 9 to 12 math while engaging them with entertaining video games. The game is built on a story that occurs in the remote Mathema galaxy, where a group of astronauts has gone missing after they went to investigate a mysterious radio transmission.

As a player, you will join the crew on the Magellan and embark on a quest to find the lost expedition. While the children play their way through the syllabus, teachers and parents receive real-time data to track their performance on a teacher and parent dashboard. This way, you can be sure to always stay on top of your child’s academic progress. 

The Proof is in the Pudding

There are many ways to help a child learn, and games are one of such ways. We all know children love games. There is also research, showing that games are good for helping children learn. According to a study, nearly 80% of learners said they would be more productive if their learning was more game-like.

Another study shows that 70% of teachers said they saw an increase in student engagement when using educational video games. Generally, kids view games as a low-risk environment where they are willing to try new things and explore. 

Therefore, one of the best ways to accomplish effective learning is through game-based learning. The game world encourages students to use their imaginations and discover new possibilities in a fun and interactive way. Games can deliver an experience that feels more like a form of entertainment than a method of learning, which children find satisfactory. 

Maths Game Based Development

These games can also provide each student with a personalized learning experience making it possible for them to progress and solve the challenges at their own pace. By incorporating objectives and measurable goals, students can see their own progress, which promotes a sense of achievement for the players. Children also benefit from the immediate feedback that they receive while they play. They can see their performance in real-time and adapt accordingly.  

Playing is Learning and Vice Versa

Numetry is made up of a series of mini-games (or missions) that help children develop their math skills as they complete each of the challenges and progress through the game. As they complete each challenge, visible changes occur in the game world.

Each challenge forms a part of the overarching story. As players progress through the game, they will help the crew solve the mystery and find the missing astronauts. The goal is to capture the student’s attention by immersing them in an engaging story with exciting characters and cool missions. The players may not feel like they are learning because they are having so much fun. However, they are actually learning as they play.

The Magic in Making 

Eduplaytion is a developer and provider of game-based learning tools for children. The company has rapidly become a global enterprise reaching four continents and has been recognized as one of the most exciting, rising EdTech’s in Norway. Today, our team consists of experienced math teachers and passionate game developers from around the world – all sharing a common vision: to make learning fun!

Kristoffer from maths game development Eduplaytion
Eduplaytion maths game developers logo

Our first title, Numetry, has been developed in close collaboration with twelve schools in Norway and South America, ensuring that the game meets the needs of students, teachers, and parents. Working closely with our end users has provided us with valuable insight and enabled us to tailor our products to meet their specific needs. 

Maths Game Based Development

Numetry Game Development

To develop Numetry, our team started with the outcome standards outlined by the math curriculum. We then brought on experienced pedagogues and teachers. Their main task is to turn the theory into practical, yet entertaining games that tackle topics that are often difficult for grade school children to understand. A core aspect of the game design process is creating a linear progression of puzzles, each challenge becomes more difficult, while continually rewarding the player for success. This design pattern has been proven to work and can easily be adapted to teaching any skill. 

Including children in the development of the game has been a fundamental driver of our success thus far. Not only do they get a sense of ownership in the game, but the children also keep us on our toes and help us to identify potential problem areas and room for improvement. They help us to cross our t’s and dot our i’s. 

We did not want to leave anything up to chance when we decided to create Numetry. Attention to detail has – and will always be – our top priority. We spend a lot of time working with our users to ensure that our final product is of a high standard and meets the needs of students and teachers from around the world. This has already started to pay off: feedback from children has been incredible so far. They love playing the games and are eager to help us develop new and exciting mini-games in the future. 

Ready for Take-Off

Would you like your child to be part of a great space quest? Would you like your child to learn math in a fun, exciting way? Then this is a game for your child. The Numetry characters are all getting ready and are scheduled for departure late May 2020.

Are you struggling to find the time? Have your old math skills faded? Or is it just getting increasingly harder to motivate your children to do their homework? Then you and your child ought to try Numetry. Kindly check out numetry.com for more information. You can also reach out to us via Facebook or send us an email at hello@numetry.com today.

Guess what? You don’t have to wait until launch! We created our own YouTube channel where we live stream our How to Draw series for children to learn from our illustrator as he draws various fun characters in the Numetry universe.

Learn to draw with maths game developers

Check it out today and help your child to learn in the best way possible.

Maths Game Based Development

Find more great tips on our 11 Plus Parents Guide.

Maths blocks for London Private school exams

Game Based Assessment design

What are game based assessments?

Game-based assessments evaluate a range of competencies. In particular, cognitive skills (e.g. numeracy, working memory, problem solving). Also, the cognitive component of behaviours. For example the emotion recognition component of empathy.

They are based on decades of psychological research. Hence game based assessments are used to predict job performance in a similar way. Since, game based assessments mimic tasks successfully used in traditional psychometric assessments.

Game based assessment tips

  • Before playing each game, check which cognitive skills are being assessed.
  • Remember that many data points are collected in any game based assessment. You need to collect as many assessment points as possible.
  • The provider’s instructions will advise what you are expected to do. So, follow these instructions carefully.
  • You will most probably be taking the game based assessment on your mobile phone. So, you need to get into a focussed mindset.
  • Ensure your environment as quiet and disturbance free as possible
  • Finally, that is the level of detailed info that gamified assessments can measure.
  • Remember game based assessment companies aim to collect 1000’s, if not 10,000s data points about you and your performance.

– – – HireVue Video Based Assessments – – –

How to Prepare for a Game-Based Assessment

In a game-based assessment, you’ll play a series of short games.

  • In a game-based assessment, you’ll complete a series of short games designed to measure skills relevant to your job role.
  • Each game takes approximately 3 minutes to complete and comes with its own instructions. Some of the games may remind you of “brain-teaser” type games. Just like your video-based assessment, you can complete the games whenever, wherever.
  • You might notice that the challenges you need to solve resemble those in traditional assessment – just in a more engaging, game-based format. At the beginning of each game, you can see a summary of the skills that are being assessed.

Preparing for Video-Based Assessment

As you prepare for your video-based assessment, consider these tips. If some look familiar, this is because they are applicable to any interview situation. The same tips that help you succeed in a traditional interview will also help you succeed in a video-based assessment.

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the role you applied for
  • Be familiar with the different types of interview questions, and come into the assessment with approaches in mind for responding each type.

Common types of questions you’ll see in a video-based assessment are:

  • Situational judgement questions.
  • Scenario-based simulations. The key difference between this type of question and a situational judgment question is that you’ll act out your response, rather than explain it.
  • Past behavior questions.

Unlike a typical interview, you can complete a video-based assessment anytime, anywhere. You should take advantage of this. Be sure to take your assessment during the time of day you feel sharpest and most alert.

– – – HireVue Video Based Assessments – – –

Video based interview tips

These are our top Video Interview tips.

  • Firstly, remember that many of the good practices you’re familiar with for face-to-face interviews will still apply. In particular you will need to dress smart and to appear well-groomed. Also, ensure that you maintain eye contact as much as possible with the camera.
  • Secondly, answer the video interview questions as concisely as possible. Make the most efficient use of the time available for each question. There will be a countdown timer, so use it as your guide!
  • FInally, show some consideration for your video interviewing company. If it is a reputable, research-driven video interviewing company (such as HireVue) there will be software analysing your changes in facial expression and body lanaguage. Plus, content analysis softward to analyse your interview answers.

Video Interview Q&A

Q: Can I study for a video interview?

A: Aside from traditional interview preparation, there is no way to study for a HireVue video-based assessment. HireVue does not work with any third parties to provide “training” or “preparation” services.

Q: Do I need to maintain “eye contact” with my camera?

A: A video-based assessment analyses thousands of factors. One little expression or individual factor makes very little difference in the overall score. Do what feels most natural to you.

Q: Who will see my interview?

A: You should also remember that if you pass the assessment, your video interview will be reviewed by recruiters and hiring managers.

Q: Does a video-based assessment look for “keywords”?

A: Typically, a video-based assessment considers the whole context of a response, not just certain words here or there. The same sort of evaluation happens in a video-based assessment. The key difference is that you can verbally describe the action you would take, rather than shoehorn your approach into one of several given options.

Video-Based Assessment Intro

In a video-based assessment, you’ll respond to a series of interview questions on your computer or smartphone. The entire experience is on demand: you can complete the interview whenever, wherever.

– – – HireVue Video Based Assessments – – –

For example, for some customer-facing jobs, your interview may contain a question about how you would respond to an angry customer and you would be prompted to respond by recording an answer on video as if you were addressing that customer. In job roles such as these, your empathy, friendliness, and ability to address the emotions of the angry customer are critical.

We advise you to be aware that the employer will be able to see what is in the background of your video. While most video-based assessments take under 20-30 minutes to complete, you should set aside 45 minutes to stay on the safe side.

Game based assessment design books

Game-Based Assessment Steps

There are several steps you can take to prepare for a game-based assessment:

  • While some game-based assessments last only 7 minutes, others may last 15-20. You should set aside around 30 minutes of distraction-free time to stay on the safe side.
  • Game-based assessments often require a high degree of concentration and focus. So, take your assessment at a time when you are most awake and sharp. Most games require a high degree of focus; you’ll be most successful if you take your assessment when you are most alert.
  • Read instructions carefully. Make sure you understand what the game is all about before you start playing. The rules are simple and intuitive, and it might be tempting to just start. But reading the instructions is worthwhile.
  • Give yourself a breather between games. Take a second to relax after each game, so you can begin the next game fully refreshed and focused.

Game-Based Assessment Tips

Before you start playing each game, you are provided with instructions to explain what you are expected to do. The game then starts with some easy levels so you can get used to the game format and task, before levels increase in complexity.

Finding a distraction-free area is one of the most important steps you can take to succeed on a game-based assessment.

Most tasks are mentally challenging, but the game format is easy to follow and interact with. Presenting our assessment challenges in a game based format allows us to make them as engaging as possible, and to motivate you to perform at your best.

– – – HireVue Video Based Assessments – – –

Designing GBA Digital Assessments

Rob Williams Assessment Ltd specialise in designing bespoke digital assessments.

A key part of any assessment project is identifying the most important criteria for successful performance. We can help you apply the assessment techniques that business psychology has shown to be the most effective for selecting high job performers. Rob Williams Assessment can advise you on the products that best fit your requirements.

Having worked for many of the UK’s leading consultancies, Rob Williams has extensive experience of assessment for recruitment and for development.

Game-based learning design is a speciality of Rob Williams Assessments and our sister site, www.schoolentrancetests.com Learning through games is fun. Plus, effective game based learning design amplifies learning.

Well-Designed Game-based learning

Well-designed game based learning provides an engaging and authentic environment designed to keep practice meaningful and personally relevant. With simulated visualization, authentic problem solving, and instant feedback, computer games can afford a realistic framework for experimentation.

Another key feature of well-designed games that can enhance learning and motivation is is adaptive difficulty levels. The Russian psychologist Vygotsky argued that the best instruction hovers at the boundary of a student’s competence.

Optimal ‘flow’ is another name for this phenomenon. But what is this flow’ construct? It’s an optimal experiential state that involves complete immersion in an activity and a deep sense of enjoyment. Flow represents full engagement, which is crucial for deep learning.

Below we list useful links to not only game-based learning but also game-based assessment. Whether for education or in the world of business.

Game-based learning
Game based learning specialists

Since 2017 we have been leading the psychometric test design input to the MindX design team for their game-based learning assessment (GBA) tools. This has continued since the HireVue takeover of the MindX company in May 2018.

The digital assessment supplier Hire Vue, with their cutting-edge cognitive ability mini-game tests, is the leading worldwide supplier of game-based assessment. For entry talent, for graduate assessment and for more manager assessment.

Brexit effect on children. Hello in different languages.

Game based learning

The popularity of video games has drawn researchers’ attention in the exploration of the possibility of  using video games to enhance knowledge, skills, and other personal attributes.

The idea of using games for serious purposes other than entertainment is called game-based learning. Advocates of game-based learning argue that well-designed video games represent solid learning principles. A fair amount of research shows that game-based learning is at least as effective as nongame conditions, such as class- room contexts.

Game-based learning design

In addition, when game-based assessment is designed following a principled design framework such as evidence-centered design or cognitive design system, the assessment is likely to have high validity and reliability.

Game-based assessment is essentially performance-based assessment. Tasks that require students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills by working through a task.

Game-based learning design

Brexit effect on children. Football stadium

Our HireVue projects 

Our game-based assessment resources

Video based Assessments for Graduates

GBAs are becoming a core component of many graduate recruitment recruitment schemes. For example Accenture, Deloitte and Unilever’s graduate recruitment schemes.

Time to reboot the gamification of recruitment Daniel Howden | June 7, 2017

Going digital is the future of candidate assessment I  Alexander Mann  I Mar 8 2017

Psychometric Considerations in game based assessment

MindX – Entry Talent Sifting

The digital assessment supplier MindX, with their cutting-edge cognitive ability mini-game tests, are a leading UK supplier of game based assessment for entry talent.

– – – HireVue Video Based Assessments – – –

How should you conduct your HireVue video interview?

Remember to:

  • Keep your camera steady
  • Have your head and shoulders positioned square on to your camera
  • Rest your camera on a flat surface
  • Ensure that the room where you are conducting the interview is well-lit.

Our game-based assessment resources

HireVue Game-based assessment

RWA leading HireVue’s Game Based Assessment design

HireVue Video assessment

Our Hirevue video interview tips

– – – HireVue Video Based Assessments – – –

HireVue game based assessment. Woman in boardroom on video call.

Game based assessment design specialists

Rob Williams Assessment Ltd specialises in designing bespoke digital assessments and would be happy to help you with your gamified assessment needs.

* * * Click here for GAME BASED ASSESSMENT PRACTICE * * *

We worked with HireVue on their game based assessment design for three years:

  • We led the development of most of the psychometrically valid game based assessment designs. These gamified assessment designs incorporated broad cognitive skills (2017/18) and then later personality traits (2018/19).
  • Our gamified assessments for Hire Vue represent a highly engaging component of HireVue’s video-based assessments.
  • HireVue is now the world leader in both game based assessment and in HireVue video assessments.
  • HireVue use AI to build mobile-first video assessments combining both video interview, cognitive test and personality assessment components.

Game-based Assessment Tips

Follow the GBA instructions precisely:

Recruiters are not trying to catch you out . There should invariably be clear and detailed instructions. GBA’s are relatively new psychometric assessments. It’s therefore recognised by most game based assessment providers (HireVue, Arctic Shores, Pymetrics) that there are new concepts which need to be explained.

Practise game based assessment: 

  • Sometimes there is the opportunity to practice first. If necessary, re-read the instructions and redo the practice questions several times.
  • Or with the HireVue game based assessments to download the app from the Apple store. Then to practice that way. Do take advantages of any such GBA practice opportunities.

‘Play’ but stay focused:

  • Ensure you take your GBA when you are at your most focussed.
  • Avoid doing your game based assessment first thing in the morning. Similarly, late at night when you are tired. You needx to be at your most focused.

Try to be relaxed:

  • It’s important to do your GBA in the right environment.
  • Set yourself up in a quiet area, where you will not be disturbed, and make sure that you are sat comfortably.


Game Based Assessment design (GBA), or gamified assessment, involves a blend of psychometric design expertise, game design and machine learning.

Some of the most popular HireVue assessments we’ve helped to design have assessed the cognitive aspects of personality traits. For example, the identification of emotions in other people. OR of spotting the use of empathy can be used to influence and to lead others. Meanwhile, Hire Vue this year exceeded over ten million video interviews.

What are game based assessments?

Firstly, game-based assessments evaluate a range of competencies. In particular, cognitive skills (e.g. numeracy, working memory, problem-solving). Also, the cognitive component of behaviours. For example the emotion recognition component of empathy.

Game-based assessments are based on decades of psychological research. Hence, these assessments are used to predict job performance and cognitive skills. Since game-based assessments mimic tasks successfully used in traditional psychometric assessments they are very useful in predicting job performance.

We look at various aspects of game-based assessment. These include

  • Firstly, general tips on these game-based assessments practice
  • Secondly, books that can be helpful in your preparation
  • Thirdly, how to prepare for game-based assessments
  • And also, game-based assessment tips

Finally, we hope you find this useful.

Using video assessments

We specialise in designing highly predictive psychometric solutions. In particular, situational judgement test design, realistic job preview design, aptitude test design and personality questionnaire design.

We work across a wide range of sectors and job roles. Our tailor-made psychometric offerings are as unique as our clients’ organisations.

Our organisation prides itself on client satisfaction. We have many positive LinkedIn reviews from our big client projects.

Why not contact us today to see how we can assist your organisation in hiring the best potential talent for your organisation.

Using video interviews

Video interviews are completed virtually. Even via any candidate’s mobile. A video interview does then allow employers to drill down on a candidate’s employment value. Just as they would do in a face-to-face interview!

So, you fill your recruiting pipeline with worthy candidates. Then, your next stage in the recruiting lifecycle is to evaluate each candidate’s skills and qualifications. To move only the right ones through the pipeline.

There are other pitfalls in the conventional interviewing process that recruiters and hiring managers rely on. First, in spite of an evaluator’s best intentions, bias can creep into their process, both in content and manner, that can put a candidate at a disadvantage.

Second, an unstructured interviewing process can also unintentionally gloss over the most important skills that lead to on-the-job success.

Finally, it’s not always easy to build a scalable, repeatable process that can evaluate a large pool of good candidates without letting some slip through the cracks.

Game-based Personality Tests

Personality assessment research demonstrates that misleading and careless responses typically stem from lack of internal motivation or interest in the task. To address the underlying motivation issue, we created a text-based fantasy game where participants can select a variety of choices to reflect corresponding personality characteristics.

Results have shown consistent moderate-to-strong correlations between choices in the game and scores on a traditional Five-Factor Model personality inventory, indicating that game-like personality assessments can be developed with acceptable construct validity in a mentally stimulating way.

How gamification facilitates creative thinking

Playing games, literally, is a powerful way of facilitating creative thinking. It lowers the barriers of established behavioural routines. Still many companies are still sceptical about the concept of gamification or unsure how to make it.

Traditional techniques known to foster creativity, include mind-mapping and brainstorming. Many big companies (such as design agencies) embrace these practices in the way they work. Research has now shown how gamification creates a ‘creative space’ where people can share their ideas with each other.

Engaging people’s ideas

‘Ideas management’ engages people’s ideas and then accelerates them through the “innovation funnel”.  Traditionally, a company would have an ideas box, then later an Intranet to share ideas.

Digital assessments / gamified assessments

Pymetrics has a history of designing digital assessments / gamified assessments for Unilever. Pymetrics develops neuroscience games and leverages bias-free AI for.

  • Digitalised job matching.
  • Recruiting high performers (HiPOs).

Twenty minutes of gameplay behaviour with Pymetrics or MindX games will assess high performer potential in specific job roles/industries. MindX focuses on the candidate’s cognitive potential, whilst Pymetrics also offers a range of emotional potential metrics.

Our game-based assessment resources

HireVue Game-based assessment

RWA leading HireVue’s Game Based Assessment design

HireVue Video assessment

Our Hirevue video interview tips

– – –Game Based Assessment Design – – –