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Government online tutors scheme

The government’s private tuition / catch-up tuition scheme is to fund primary and secondary schools to hire private tutors from approved agencies. This is to deliver one-to-one and small group lessons to pupils who have fallen behind with their studies after months out of school.

Thousands of tutors will deliver a mixture of online and face-to-face sessions. Tuition lessons will support and complement pupils’ regular school work.

This year-long national tutoring programme aimed at helping pupils in England to catch up on lost learning as a result of school closures due to the coronavirus pandemic

In summary, the extra school funds are for buying in tuition services and for summer camps. To support pupils’ mental health and physical wellbeing.

Online Tuition / Catch-up Tuition

Catch-up tuition will be:

  • Available to pupils from all year groups in both primary and secondary;
  • Accessable for all schools;
  • Targeted particularly at those serving disadvantaged communities .

The tuition is to start in the autumn term and beyond. All schools will be able to access it, but it will be targeted at those with high numbers of disadvantaged pupils.

Schools would use the money to commission tutoring, buying in services from charities like Action Tutoring, Coach Bright and The Tutor Trust who already provide teaching to disadvantaged children.

Government Online tutors

Catch-up Tuition effectiveness

One-to-one and small-group tuition are a cost-effective way to help pupils who are struggling; regular sessions of 30 minutes, three to five times a week over six to 12 weeks, to achieve the best results, adding five additional months’ progress.

Tutoring charities are making preparations to deliver the teaching online because of uncertainty over whether their tutors will be able to go into schools come the autumn.

Teacher support

The tuition – which could involve retired teachers, university students and graduate volunteers – would be likely to occur in the autumn term and to continue well into next year.

Head teachers and many education researchers are supportive of the idea of providing one-to-one tuition to pupils – to give more pupils the type of help already accessed by many better-off families.

How much Online Tuition will this buy?

The IFS says it would mean about £2,400 available per class of 30 for the year – based on this approximation:

  • £650 million is allocated towards tuition
  • Schools accessed all of the £350m available in subsidies,
  • One hour each week to about five pupils in a class of 30.

On average, there are about five pupils eligible for free school meals in each class – so it would provide a real opportunity for them to catch-up, not just on missed school, but also to narrow the wealth related gap in educational attainment.
Head teachers’ leaders are supportive – and even with a nervous glance at the funding model, they’re backing the idea of subsidised extra lessons.
There are schools already using their pupil premium money to buy private tutors and the Education Endowment Foundation (which test drives ideas for improving achievement) says there is evidence that such extra tuition works.

How much will schools have to pay?

Schools will have to spend their own money to take advantage of the subsidy.
It’s still not entirely clear how much schools will have to pay – but at the most generous, the discount will be 75%. So, based on £50 per session, it would cost schools £12.50 per pupil per session.
But there is financial support for this, in a £650m one-off payment to schools, otherwise the tutoring scheme would have actually cost schools money.
Tutoring businesses and charities can apply to join the new tutoring service, with the criteria for selection not yet published.

Government’s private tuition pilot

  • Early in June, the Education Endowment Foundation launched an online tuition pilot involving 1,600 disadvantaged pupils.
  • At the same time, the Sutton Trust, Nesta and Impetus, jointly launched a new online tuition pilot.
  • Another pilot was from the Tutor Trust who train university students and recent graduates to become tutors. They focus on core subjects (maths, English, sciences). 

Online Tuition effectiveness

One-on-one tutoring can lead to an extra five months learning gain for pupils during a single academic year.

Remedial Career Coaching

In addition to academic support all students, but especially those in key transition periods – Years 10 – 13, will need support. Also, probably remedial coaching with regards to Careers Learning and Development.

Our Online Tuition and Career Coaching

Hannah Courtney Bennet of Talent & Career is a Career Psychologist and Registered Career Development Professional. She knows how important it is for young people to receive qualified help making decisions about education and careers.

Remedial private tuition for pupils

She understands how strengths, interests and personality fit together. Plus, how they inform ideas about career routes to enable students to;

  • Choose the right subjects in school;
  • Weigh-up university courses and alternatives to higher education;
  • Find out about career paths and achieving future goals;
  • Identify key skills, strengths and interests;
  • Learn how to develop Career Resilience.

I also offer diagnostic testing for Specific Learning Disabilities, e.g. Dyslexia, for university DSA.

Currently, I am delivering virtual careers guidance sessions from students across the country.  If there any students out there who would like a careers guidance appointment please do book in via my website .

Remedial private tuition / Catch-up tuition

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