Graduate Job Hunting Tips

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Our Top Tips

  1. Use our job hunting tips below to stay motivated and to focus on the future, rather than any current frustrations.
  2. Even after a job application is unsuccessful.
  3. Remind yourself that this happens to every graduate.
  4. Track your progress by aiming for more applications to lead to graduate scheme interviews…
  5. Set a target for an increasing number of graduate job interviews per month.

Use LinkedIn for effective networking.

  1. LinkedIn is an excellent tool for graduate networking. Follow key figures at the companies where you would most like to work.
  2. Build up a LinkedIn relationship by liking their posts and comments.
  3. In fact, network as much as possible amongst your friends. Especially those who are also looking for their first graduate job.
  4. Demonstrate your LinkedIn research.
  5. You can leverage your work in point (2).
  6. Show in your job application and job interviews how you have researched every company you apply to work for.

Top Graduate Job Hunting Tips

Avoid these graduate interview mistakes

  • Ensure you have researched the company. Have interesting questions ready to ask your interviewer.
  • Aim to have a conversation with the person who interviews you. That means getting the conversation balance right. Usually your recruiter will ask you a short question and expect a detailed answer…
  • Other times the recruiter will want you to listen. They will also expect you to answer every question. That includes those that surprise you or which are difficult to answer.
  • Never interrupt what the recruiter is saying.
  • Remember you need to differentiate yourself from all the other interviews your recruiter will hold that day.

Graduate Interview preparation

Whether you are doing a video-based interview or a face-to-face interview you need to prepare.

That means dressing smartly. Ensure you can answer questions on industry trends. Know about the latest new developments in your chosen sector.

We recommend running a practice interview, or two. Friends or relatives are usually willing to help out. Especially if you return the favour!

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Graduate Interview preparation

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