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Welcome to our UCAT tips and UCAT practice tests.


We offer premium UCAT test practice, secondly free UCAT Situational Judgement Test Practice below and thirdly free UCAT aptitude test practice.

Premium UCAT test practice

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      Practice UCAT Entrance test materials

      Let’s start with a list of all our free UCAT practice tests: UCAT verbal reasoning test practice; Quantitative reasoning test practice; UCAT Decision Analysis test practice; Situational judgement test practice; and the UCAT abstract reasoning test practice.

      UCAT Quantitative reasoning tests 

      UCAT Quantitative Reasoning UKCAT Test Practice 1.

      Quantitative Reasoning UCAT Test Practice 2.

      UCAT Quantitative Reasoning Test Practice 3.

      Quantitative Reasoning UCAT Test Practice 4.

      UCAT Quantitative Reasoning Practice Test Answers.

      Quantitative Reasoning Practice UCAT Test 2 answers.

      UCAT Quantitative Reasoning Practice Test 3 answers.

      Quantitative Reasoning Practice UCAT Test 4 answers.

      More UCAT relevant Aptitude Test practice

      The UCAT requires several aptitude tests to be practiced. So many of our other free aprtidue test resources are useful too:

      Premium UCAT test practice

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      UCAT tips for UCAT Situational Judgement Test

      – The new UKCAT SJT test format means you can give the same rating to all response options. If, for example, two were Inappropriate and two were Appropriate that’s fine.

      – The timeframe is very important to the correct answer. Consider how appropriate each response option is to both the short-term and to the long-term.

      – Even when there are 4 response options this does not mean that one is Very Appropriate, Appropriate, Inappropriate and Very Inappropriate.

      Other University admissions test practice

      Medical school UCAT test practice resources

      The UCAT requires several aptitude tests to be practiced. So many of our other free aprtidue test resources are useful too:

      Try our TEAS practice tests

      Welcome to our TEAS nursing college entrance TEAS practice tests.

      Children need to take certain psychometric tests, such as the TEAS, as part of their college entrance.

      TEAS practice test tips

      • Take it easy the night before your TEAS exam. Do something relaxing rather than studying and cramming. This will help decrease anxiety. Allow you to get a better night’s sleep. So that you will be more mentally fresh during your TEAS exam.
      • Spend the hour before bed avoiding television, your computer, cell phone, and social media. The bright screens and overload of data can keep your brain buzzing into bedtime.
      • Once you’ve taken all the necessary steps you can to be prepared for exam day, our next group of tips will help you concentrate on how to get your best night’s sleep, which is critical for being sharp and alert during your TEAS exam.
      • Make sure you give yourself your usual amount of sleep, preferably at least 7-8 hours. You may find you need even more sleep. Pay attention to how much you sleep in the days before the exam, and how many hours it takes for you to feel refreshed. This will allow you to be as sharp as possible during the TEAS test and make fewer mistakes.
      • Set your alarm early enough that you have plenty of time to have a well-balanced breakfast and avoid rushing in the morning to get ready. Rushing tends to get your sympathetic nervous system going, and you risk mentally fatiguing yourself by the start of the test.
      • With all the extra adrenaline flowing through your bloodstream the night before a big test, it’s not uncommon to feel more anxiety than usual. Focus on thinking positive thoughts which can decrease anxiety, help you relax, and fall asleep.
      • One way to stay positive is to imagine a happy or fun story or scene. If you have a negative thought or find yourself returning to the exam, acknowledge this thought and let it “drift away” while you continue to fixate on the story or images you have in your mind until you finally fall asleep.

      Try our TEAS practice tests.


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