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GMAT admissions test

The GMAT is taken by graduate managerial school applicants. It assesses the candidates’ reasoning in brief passages or statements.

Other factors, such as undergraduate grades, interviews and recommendation letters also form part of the graduate managerial school assessment.

The relative importance of the GMAT score within these multiple criteria depends upon the individual institution.

GMAT Preparation Tips

We advise:

  • Practice as many realistic GMAT questions as you can. This helps you to develop the most effective GMAT strategies for you personally.
  • Selecting the best possible answer since there may be more than one possible answer.
  • Looking for any answer option that is clearly wrong because it is incompatible… then eliminating it.
  • Even if you then need to guess, doing the elimination exercise detailed above will have increased the likelihood of your guess being correct.
  • Noting that there is a small score deduction for every wrong answer given. However no marks are deducted if ta question is left blank.

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GMAT preparation

10 personality tips to help your Study Skills

  1. Find time to study. If you manage your time badly, inevitably you will be less productive than if you manage it well. This can lead to increased stress and anxiety levels, especially around exam time.
  2. Keep to a routine. Work in the same place at the same time each day. Also, make sure you have everything you need before you start.
  3. Work to your strengths. Schedule challenging tasks for when you are most alert, and routine ones for when you may be feeling more tired.
  4. Don’t waste time. Skim and scan before reading something in-depth.
  5. Avoid distractions. Switch emails and social media off to prevent your mind wandering !
  6. Regularly review your notes. Edit out what you don’t need. Ask yourself, how does it relate to what I already know.
  7. Vary how you to take notes – For example, use Mind Maps and diagrams to generate ideas.
  8. Be critical. Add your own comment to every concept or quotation that you write down. Maintain a critical and analytical approach at all times!
  9. Plan your work. If writing an assignment produce a detailed plan before you start to write it. This will make the drafting process much less stressful
  10. Understand different styles

GMAT Admissions Test

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Numerical Reasoning book reviews

Buy this book to pass!

Brilliant book. Read it from cover to cover. Don’t skip the chapters. I know it can seem patronising, the way he breaks it down, but I’d recommend reading it through.

Brilliantly practical and informative

Very clear layout to follow, questions advance over the …

Very clear layout to follow, questions advance over the chapters and it sets a steady pace. This book helped me immensely to get all the practice I needed within 3 days.

A really useful book 

Numerical Reasoning book reviews

Another really useful book by Rob!

I heartily recommend.

Five Stars

Great book and pretty hard numerical exercises.

Useful, informative and good value

A very user-friendly and easy to read guide. Really focuses your mind on brushing up on your Maths skills. The author explains clearly how you can prepare to give your best for a test. Very useful and highly recommended.

Five Stars

Great book, tons of info and test to help you understand.

Great to get some practical help on how to succeed … at this stage of selection. I will recommend to anyone who needs to get through a numerical reasoning test.

GMAT Admissions Test

Passing Verbal Reasoning book reviews

Brilliantly practical advice

The recaps at the end of every chapter are great for a quick overview before test day. D

A MUST BUY for anyone attempting to pass any verbal reasoning test.

Verbal Book reviews

An informative yet easy to read book which helped me get through graduate-level tests to the next stages of application. Would highly recommend.

Excellent sample tests and explanations

Passed the VRT for HMRC Legal Trainee Scheme this year after reading this book. Helpful.

Very useful and good practice.

Highly recommended.

Just what I needed to further my career. Now I’ve tried the tests I feel more confident.

Good quality and light reading!

An excellent guide to performing well in verbal reasoning tests.

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