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Keeping up with your university exam revision

Welcome to our 2020 university exam revision tips.

Revision Tips

Effective assessments cannot be rushed, so start before the exam date. Try to start reading early every day because the brain is fresh and easier to work. Starting in the afternoon means that you may be up late and try to re-evaluate everything. It is better to have a common overhaul, and you want to start and finish each day around the same time.

Use goal-setting theory

Setting goals is vital. This enables you to both schedule and track your progress.

Plan your most effective University exam revision timetable

You might think it’s a waste of time to plan. However, in the long run, you save time because you don’t have to decide what you’re looking for each day.

It’s also important to set realistic timescales. Schedule your study time by seeing which times of the day work best for you. With 5 days available per week, aim for at least 3-4 hours University exam revision revision each day.

University exam revision

Take regular breaks

Regular study breaks are vital for University exam revision. When the brain is tired and you are prone to losing attention, learning can no longer reverse or have an effect means you are not really working effectively. Instead, the goal is 30-45 minutes, with a short break and, ideally, over 4 hours of study per day. This way, you will revise a more efficient explosion without saving a few hours of alertness to address multiple subjects.

How do you own learn best?

Try other methods such as watching documents or videos, listening to podcasts, working in groups, using other coloured paper for each set of revisions notes, moving to a new learning area or and creating revision posters,.

Keep positive.

Stay positive and calm.

University exam revision

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University exam revision