CAT4 practice tests

CAT4 practice tests

Welcome to GL Assessment’s excellent replacement CAT4 tests range to the SAT’s benchmarking system. We recommend that you read this feature to learn what your CAT4 results mean for your child and also the type of questions in the CAT4 test.

Try our CAT4 practice resources.

We recommend that you:

  • Try some free CAT4 practice tests.
  • Move onto our premium CAT4 practice tests. This is  is specific CAT4 test practice for Year 11+ (Level G).
  • For other year levels:

Each of these levels includes full-length CAT4 simulations, quizzes, detailed explanations, and study guides.

Five CAT4 Practice Papers at each Level A to G

Firstly, 9+ CAT4 LEVEL A PRACTICE and 10+ CAT4 LEVEL B.

Secondly, 11+ CAT4 Level C PRACTICE ; 12+ CAT4 Level D PRACTICE and 13+ CAT4 Level E practice.

And then for 14-15 year-olds CAT4 Level F Practice Test 1 to Practice Test Paper 5.

Finally, 16+ / 17+ CAT4 Level G Practice Test.

Free CAT4 demos (for each age level)

Firstly, our free CAT4 Level A demo.Secondly, Free CAT 4 Level B demo.Thirdly, Free CAT 4 Level C demo.

And then next, Free CAT 4 Level D demo.

Plus also, Free CAT 4 Level E demo.

And then next Free CAT 4 Level F demo.

Finally, our Free CAT 4 Level G demo.

GL Assessment CAT4

CAT4 is GL Assessment’s excellent replacement CAT4 tests range to the SAT’s benchmarking system.

Our top CAT4 practice test tips

  • Leverage the value of CAT4 sample questions to establish where your child may be going wrong.
  • Monitor your child’s CAT4 progress. You can easily track their scores.
  • Then you must focus on the CAT4 subtest or CAT4 question type that they are struggling most with.
  • Next you can try assigning more CAT4 sample questions of their weaker topics. Focusing their CAT4 test practice on your child’s weaker topics will encourage them to slowly learn where they are going wrong and what to do differently.
  • Mastering such difficulties will improve their self-efficacy. If you are lucky then your child will start to love learning!
  • Either way, this approach will help to create a growth mindset.

Our CAT4 practice test resources

Try our  CAT4 practice resources.

We offer Premium practice packs for the following school year groups:

Our Premium packs contain comprehensive and accurate practice materials that will effectively prepare your child for the CAT4 exam.

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