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Practice situational judgement tests

Free EPSO situational judgement test practice is available below. This is offered for each of the EPSO competencies:

Analysis and problem-solving

Delivering quality and results

Prioritizing and organizing


Working with others

EPSO 2018 Example Questions

EPSO SJT Example – Analysis and Problem-Solving

Most Likely / Least Likely

Your current task has been to manage implementation across the business of a new software upgrade. Unfortunately many of your colleagues have feedback that they prefer to stick with the older version and some are now even refusing to load this new update.
aFollow good change management practice by highlighting this obstacle to the project manager.
bThe decision has already been taken and must have been made for the right reasons.
cHold fire on involving your superiors but keep a record of such resistance.


dIt’s a mandate from senior management which you also have to obey.


EPSO SJT Example 2 – Working with Others

Most Likely / Least Likely

You have been presenting some new ideas to your team – most of whom have listened very carefully throughout. However one disruptive colleague has continually undermined your key points and the other key issues that were raised by your team.
aLet the team respond as they see fit towards the disruptive individual.
bMake it clear that either the disruptive behaviour stops or the individual leaves your meeting. L
cHandle the disruptive individual as best you can until its possible to speak to them face-to-face.


dFirmly state that you would all appreciate it if the individual kept their comments to themselves.

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