Our Thinking Skills Assessment Practice

The Thinking Skills Assessment practice consists of the two elements of the Thinking Skills Assessment. Here’s our Premium TSA practice. Plus a useful, TSA video introduction.

The Thinking Skills Assessment assesses:

  • Problem-solving skills:
    • Numerical reasoning.
    • Spatial reasoning.
  • Critical thinking skills:
    • Understanding arguments.
    • Reasoning with everyday language.

Critical Thinking Practice Tests

Premium Critical thinking practice questions

More CTA Practice Tests:

Time Required per CTA question

  • Average time required to answer each question is 1.8 mins.
  • The CTA is a non-calculator test.
  • It is administered by local test centres nationwide. Here’s a list of TSA test centres.

Secondly, a 30 min writing test. For certain courses listed below you need to take this second 30-minute Writing Tests: 

This evaluates candidate’s ability to organise ideas in a clear and concise manner and communicate them effectively in writing. Questions are not subject-specific and candidates must answer one question from a choice of four.

Why the Thinking Skills Assessment is fundamental to success in higher education.

Introducing Thinking Skills

The Thinking Skills Assessment is primarily used by both Cambridge and Oxford University to select graduate or scholarship candidate

Critical thinking and problem solving are included in the World Economic Forum’s report

School Entrance Past Papers

Books in a pile for situational judgement test tips (1)

We offer Thinking Skills Assessment practice.

Key Facts

The TSA is a

  • Pre-interview assessment for Oxford and Cambridge.
  • 90-minute Section 1 paper
  • 50 multiple-choice questions.

Premium TSA practice

Free TSA practice

TSA Specimen Test Oxford – Cambridge Assessment

Our Thinking Skills Assessment practice

TSA past papers

TSA Specimen Section 1
Specimen Section 1 Answers
​TSA Specimen Section 1 Worked Solutions

2008 Past Papers TSA

TSA 2008 Section 1
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TSA Section 2


TSA 2009 Section 1
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Section 2

2010 Past Papers TSA

TSA 2010 Section 1
​2010 Section 1 Answers
​TSA 2010 Score Conversion

Section 2

Our Thinking Skills Assessment practice

Past Papers (2011)

TSA 2011 Section 1
​2011 Section 1 Answers
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Section 2

2012 Past Papers TSA

TSA 2012 Section 1
​2012 Section 1 Answers
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Section 2

Past Papers (2013)

TSA 2013 Section 1
2013 Section 1 Answers
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Section 2

2014 Past Papers TSA

TSA 2014 Section 1
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Section 2

TSA from 2015

TSA 2015 Section 1
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Section 2

2016 Past Papers TSA

TSA 2016 Section 1
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Section 2

TSA Past Papers (2017)

TSA 2017 Section 1
2017 Section 1 Answers
​​​TSA 2017 Score Conversion

Section 2
Thinking Skills Assessment practice

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