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Our mission here is to make the most useful resources more widely available to help others to improve their employability skills, wfh experience and overall well-being.

Employability skills

We designed a baseline Employability Skills Test to assess a learners ‘job readiness’. Also, where their learning needs are. BESTest also assesses the positive difference made by learning programme interventions in terms of specific employability skills.

Analyse your employability skills

Soft skills are critical in today’s workplace. The term employability characteristics refers to a cluster of productive personality traits . These characterize one’s suitability for working effectively – including with other people. Employability characteristics, or soft employability skills are numerous. They include social graces, communication skills, cognitive agility, emotional intelligence, resilience, empathy, time management, teamwork and leadership traits.

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Virtual Work Well-Being Resources for Managers

People managers’ mental health guide

  • Tools for effectively and confidently support employee mental health at work.
  • Spotting the warning signs of poor mental health.
  • Offering the right support early on.

Wellness Action Plans (WAPs) 

  • Help your staff support their own mental health at work.
  • Start the conversation about mental health with your own team.

Mentally healthy workplace introduction

  • Understanding the relationship between good employee mental health and its …
  • Relationship with getting the best out of your staff.

Virtual Work Well-Being research

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Leadership of remote teams

Building digitally ready teams

Offer encouragement and emotional support: Especially in the context of an abrupt shift to remote work, it is important for managers to acknowledge stress, listen to employees‘ anxieties and concerns, and empathize with their struggles. HBR’s recommendations for supporting new remote workers.

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virtual working well-being

Using digitalisation as a substitute for innovation

This can be of more questionable value. For example:

The L’Oreal digitalisation case study below.

Part of L’Oréal’s strategy of digitisation was a new mobile-only recruitment platform. Candidates were encouraged to send emoji applications via text. An HR spokesperson tweeted:

Image for post

We want to allow candidates to really express themselves, to tell us about their career path and aspirations in the medium they are most comfortable with and to instantly share their experience with their peers. We believe this innovative approach holds great promise !!

L’Oréal’s intention to improve the candidate experience was met. But is’s questionable this digitisaiton made their graduate recruitment more efficient.

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virtual working well-being

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