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Finance Officer / Business project manager jobs

Welcome to our project manager jobs London listings. Plus our finance manager career tips.


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      Are you studying or working in Financing and wondering where to go with your qualifications and experience? Have a look at the top finance jobs in the UK in 2019. These were also included in a recent article in the Telegraph looking at The 10 Best Jobs in the UK 2019.

      Project manager jobs London

      They weren’t at the bottom of this specific list either. An audit manager was in fact seen as the best job in Britain and a finance manager the runner up.

      Top project manager jobs London

      Top Finance Jobs UK 2019 man working at computer

      The top finance jobs in the UK at the moment are reportedly audit managers, finance managers and financial analysts.

      Project Manager Jobs London

      Audit Manager

      Firstly, an audit manager is an accountancy role responsible for the audit process. As an audit manager, you would supervise and oversee the audit process. Good knowledge of finance and accountancy would clearly be very desirable in this role.

      At the least, an audit manager is expected to have a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance or Business Administration, combined with 8 years of experience in accounting and/or auditing.

      According to Glassdoor:

      Average base salary: £54 810 nationally and £57 439 in the London area

      Job openings: 12 663

      Project Manager Jobs London

      Finance Manager Jobs

      Secondly, the role of a finance manager can be very varied. Mostly it will involve managing a company’s financial accounting, management and reporting systems. They are responsible for producing accurate financial records for deadlines as well as managing the budget.

      To become a finance manager you would also need at least a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics or accounting. Although, most roles require you to have at least a master’s degree in accounting, business administration, economics or a related field.

      According to Glassdoor:

      Average base salary: £47 104

      Job openings: 15 379

      Business manager jobs London

      Financial Analyst

      Thirdly, a financial analyst makes business, sector and industry recommendations based on the research of the micro- and macro-economic conditions. They combine this research with a look at the fundamentals of the company. Then provide the best analysis of the business environment. They look at things like market trends, the financial status of a company (or companies) and the predicted outcomes of a certain type of deal.

      To become a financial analyst, you need at least a bachelor’s degree in a finance-related subject. Like economics, statistics or accounting. However, for further growth in this role, a master’s degree in one of these subjects or a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) would be beneficial.

      According to Glassdoor:

      Average base salary: £40 600

      Job openings: 7 369

      Also, keep an eye on our STEM career guides page for a more detailed look at different top jobs in the UK.

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      Business manager jobs London

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