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      Most importantly, how do you become a teacher?

      How to become a teacher

      (1) Entry-level requirements

      For teaching as qualified teacher n UK, teachers would require qualified teacher status (QTS). If the teacher already has the degree, then they could also complete the training course for the postgraduate teacher. Moreover, the teachers would also require GCSE at grade C / 4 in English, science and maths for teaching at the primary level. 

      (2) Day-in-the-life

      A teacher has the responsibility for the preparation of the lesson plans and for educating the students at different levels. The duty of the teachers also includes assigning the homework, taking grades on the test and the documentation of the daily progress. In this career, the teacher also requires to offer instruction in different subjects depending on the grade of the students.

      (3) Career path

      A teaching degree allows the teacher to specialise in any subject area, educational setting or age group. Licensing requirements and training vary according to country and state. However, most countries require the teachers to hold a bachelor’s degree at minimum and demonstrate their experience under experienced teacher’s guidance.

      (4) Job opportunities

      The job opportunities for a teacher can be found on the website of the different schools, and the schools can also release job applications on digital media platforms. The application for the job can also be released in the newspapers with job specifications and other details. There are also online job portals such as,,, the, where job advertisements can be found.

      (5) Where to find more information

      Information on teaching qualifications and other details can be found on websites such as It has the age groups, entry requirements, qualities and skills and the kinds of schools that the prospective teachers can apply.

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      School teacher jobs

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