MBTI personality test tips

MBTI personality test tips are very useful. Mainly because the MBTI is one of the most popular personality tests used by UK employers for development.

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MBTI tips

Personality test tips – MBTI

The MBTI is based on the work of Jung. Although he is more likely to have endorsed 3 personality styles (Extraversion- Introversion, Sensing-Intuitive, Thinking-Feeling) – rather than including the 4th personality styles measured by the MBTI (Judging-Perceiving).

The MBTI has considerable supporting materials in terms of books and different types of personality test report.

Tips to remember when completing the Myers-Briggs personality test are:

  • Firstly, the personality test questions in the MBTI are statement and word pairs. Word pairs are a less common form of psychometric test format than other commonly used personality test questions.
  • Secondly, employers are looking for certain personality traits in any role – as indicators of high job performance in key areas.
  • Also, since the MBTI is for development purposes – not selection – there is no need to consider faking it.

INSIGHTS personality test

So, there’s another commonly used personality test with a similar type-based approach to the MBTI. This is called INSIGHTS. The test and the INSIGHTS report content are all based on the personality work of Jung which balanced personality traits or energies.

Unlike the MBTI, the INSIGHTS approach:

  • Is based on colour
  • Has the personality types displayed on the INSIGHTS Wheel in the INSIGHTS reports.